7 JUN 2023

Spiral, Fremantle, Boutique Filmes and Prime Video team up for “Negotiator”

Spiral International, Fremantle, Boutique Filmes and Prime Video have announced new crime-thriller “Negotiator” will premiere on July 21 in Latin America.

7 JUN 2023

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Spiral International, Fremantle, Boutique Filmes and Prime Video have announced new crime-thriller “Negotiator” will premiere on July 21 in Latin America. The series will be available in the region on Prime Video, and Fremantle will handle global sales outside of Latin America and Portugal.

“Negotiator” tells the story of Captain Gabriel Menck (Malvino Salvador), who is head of negotiations for GATE, a special police unit charged with resolving crisis situations across São Paulo. In each episode, robberies, kidnappings, suicide bids and terrorist threats take place – all are volatile cases full of life-or-death decisions. Following a leave of absence from GATE, Menck finds himself dealing with the loss of his wife, his son’s post-traumatic stress disorder, and his intense work routine.

The series is co-produced by Spiral International and Boutique Filmes, together with Executive Producers Zasha Robles and Gustavo Mello. The show is created by Gustavo Mello, Thomas Stavros and Thiago Faelli, directed by Isabel Valiante, and written by Thomas Stavros, Gabriela Giffoni, José Guertzenstein and Ronaldo Lasmar.

“As we are in the middle of a storytelling renaissance, particularly regarding stories told by US episodic series, yet embracing the local reality, we are thrilled to bring ‘Negotiator’ to the international market, together with Boutique Filmes. ‘Negotiator’ is a cinematic Brazilian-noir series with all the right elements to cast a net across a wide audience, and the ability to play in any basic cable, free TV, and/or streamer. Fremantle is the right partner to help the series travel outside Latin America and we could not be happier to work on another project with their team. Last but not least, Amazon Brazil/Latin America has been a wonderful partner to work with, and we anxiously look forward to their premiere coming up in July,”  said Zasha Robles, from Spiral International.

“It is great to partner with Spiral and Fremantle, and an immense pleasure for us here at Boutique Filmes, to be able to bring to the world a show created and produced in Brazil. A powerful local story that will conquer the audience around the globe. It is one important step in the consolidation of Boutique's and Brazil's presence in the international market,”  commented Gustavo Mello, from Boutique Filmes.

Lastly, Jill Kellie, VP Scripted Acquisitions at Fremantle, declared: “Inspired by real events, 'Negotiator' is a slick, high-stakes police thriller set in the vibrant city of São Paulo. We have no doubt viewers will be hooked by its rich episodic storylines and stunning visual quality, and could not be happier to be partnering with Spiral International and Boutique Filmes to help take this impressive series to international audiences.”