T&B Media Global launches “Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers” on Kidoodle.TV

The animated TV series will be available on the global AVOD platform this month and it's globally distributed by Cookbook Media, excluding Thailand.

24 MAR 2022

"Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers"

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Thailand’s leading entertainment company T&B Media Global has announced its animated TV series “Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers” (52x11 minutes) will be available for streaming on the global AVOD Safe Streaming channel, Kidoodle.TV starting this month. The show is T&B’s second animated series to be distributed internationally on TV and streaming platforms.

"Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers" is an adventure-packed animated TV series about three animal friends who travel the world in their souped-up food truck, seeking out rare ingredients to turn into exotic dishes. Led by Sonny, the fearless bear/cook who aspires to be a chef, together with Andi, the genius problem-solving red panda and Tong, the social media savvy monkey, the trio visits countless food destinations in their friendly green food truck, taking on culinary challenges along the way. The show will inspire children to try new foods, teach them about friendship, cultural differences as well as basic cooking vocabulary.

Led by T&B Media Global and showrunner Dan Clark ("Team Smithereen") with Bill Kop as director ("Tom & Jerry: The Fast and The Furry"), and FMK’s EVP Bob Higgins as executive producer, the show was fully animated in Thailand.

The production was a collaboration with Tiny Island Productions and Bang Zoom Studios. Cookbook Media holds the global distribution and licensing rights for the show in all territories, excluding Thailand.