TeamTO, French IP's looking for global audiences

The company started the production of the second season of "Jade Armor", featured a new preschool show called "What’s Up Eesha?" and is looking for a financial partner for "Next Level: Odyssey."

22 NOV 2023

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Production and distribution company TeamTO is continuing its hard work on their original series that already conquered international audiences. The French company announced the production of the second season "Jade Armor" (26x22’) the action comedy series targeting 6 -10 years old that was sold to multiple territories like EMEA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, and Denmark.

Last Cartoon Forum, TeamTO feature "What’s Up Eesha?" (11x52'), a spin-off of TeamTO’s holiday special “Winter is Here,” based on the book series by Jean Gouronas. "The reception at Cartoon Forum was really great, especially the public broadcasters who were at the market. We're crossing fingers that they will be coming back to us soon with their feedback," said Patricia De Wilde, TeamTO Director of Marketing and New Busines at the company. "We're really hoping to greenlight it maybe in the beginning of the summer, that would be amazing," she added.

TeamTO is also working on the production of "Next Level: Odyssey" (26x26”) with France and Germany already on board. "We're looking for the small piece to complete the financing," commented De Wilde. The series is an original action-adventure series with a good dose of comedy aimed at the 6–10-year-old target, inspired by the series of books, “Panique dans la Mythologie,” by Fabien Clavel, published by Rageot. One night while playing videogames at the Louvre where his dad works, 11-year-old Kiran falls through a portal into the world of mythology where Gods, Goddesses and fantastical creatures are all doing their thing, and Kiran is mistaken for a butt-kicking warrior! His mission – which he must accept if he wants to return home - is to save the legendary Greek King, Odysseus.