TeamTO’s "Jade Armor" was acquired by ABC Australia and CBC Canada

The original action comedy series was previous launched in France, Germany, Canada and Down Under.

13 DEC 2022

"Jade Armor"

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TeamTO announces new partnerships for their action-comedy animated series "Jade Armor" (26x22) with the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), the leading platform for kids programming in Australia, and CBC, Canada’s largest national French broadcaster.

"Jade Armor" launched in Australia on November 28th and in French speaking Canada on November 22nd. The original super heroine series featuring a martial arts loving teenager already debuted this fall on broadcast partners France Télévisions in France – where it quickly became one of the channel’s top ten shows - followed by Super RTL in Germany last summer. "Jade Armor" was also acquired by Cartoon Network and HBO Mas (US, LaAm, EMEA), with a launch in EMEA set for early 2023.

TeamTO Executive Producer Corinne Kouper added, “We are very proud to be partnering with more premier international kids channels such as ABC and CBC, particularly in Australia, as it is our first deal down under. TeamTO is comitted to creating diverse, inclusive characters bound by universally appealing stories – and having 'Jade Armor' land in so many key global markets suggests that we have achieved this goal. We look forward to working with ABC and CBC to make 'Jade Armor' a big hit in every corner of the world!”

"Jade Armor" follows Lan Jun, a seemingly ordinary teen whose life takes an unexpected turn when she puts on a mysterious jade bracelet. She is immediately encased in an indestructible suit of armor equipped with masterful kung fu moves and mystical Beasticons who bestow their own powers on her when called upon. It’s now Lan Jun’s turn to embody the legendary superhero, Jade Armor. Together with the help of the Beasticons and her friends Theo and Alisha, Lan Jun must contend with both an evil array of super villains and the even more challenging trials of teenage life.

Jade Armor’s talented all-female creative team is led by multi-award winning executive producer Corinne Kouper, supported by showrunner and co-creator, Chloé Miller; head writer, MJ Offen; French story editor, Ghyslaine Pujol, and co-developer, Mary Bredin. Based on a concept by M Pongo Kuo, "Jade Armor" is entirely produced in TeamTO’s state of the art animation studios in France.