Telefilm Canada promotes Francesca Accinelli to Senior Vice-President, Program Strategy and Industry Development

11 JAN 2024

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Telefilm Canada announced today that Francesca Accinelli has been named Senior Vice-President, Program Strategy and Industry Development, for a five-year term effective immediately. "We are bringing together the core of Telefilm's activities within a single sector to promote coherence in the implementation of an integrated strategic vision for all programs," Julie Roy, Telefilm Canada's Executive Director and CEO said. "Francesca Accinelli is a recognized relationship builder with extensive industry and Telefilm experience. Her unifying leadership will enable her to fulfill her mandate and lead a great team to achieve maximum impact with the industry."

This announcement marks the regrouping of two sectors: Cultural Portfolio Management and Promotion and International Relations. The management and employees of Telefilm Canada would like to thank René Bourdages, who has held the position of Vice-President, Cultural Portfolio Management, since November 2019 for his committed contribution, involvement and team spirit. " I would also like to thank René Bourdages for his accomplishments over the last few years," Roy said.

For over 20 years, Ms. Accinelli has been a champion of Canadian talent and Canadian content. She is known for her attentive and transparent management style, and for her ability to build trusting relationships and partnerships. In her many roles at Telefilm, Ms. Accinelli has developed unique expertise in television, film, digital media, promotion and communications, with both English- and French-speaking markets. 

At Telefilm, Ms. Accinelli was first given responsibility for the English market of the Canadian Television Fund (CTF), where she helped establish the administration of the Canada Media Fund programs at Telefilm. Her career then led her to head up national and international promotion and communications as Vice-President.   Throughout her time at Telefilm, Ms. Accinelli has taken on additional interim roles in Government Relations, Equity Diversity and Inclusion and Official Languages and more recently the interim Executive Director and CEO, deepening her expertise within the organization, her global view and her passion for and commitment to the industry. 


Francesca Accinelli is a recognized relationship builder with extensive industry and Telefilm experience. ” Julie Roy Executive Director and CEO, Telefilm Canada