6 MAR 2024

Parrot Analytics partners with Telefilm Canada

This collaboration will provide Telefilm with Parrot Analytics’ industry-leading TV and Movie demand data and insights, empowering Telefilm to make data-driven decisions across movie concept funding, marketing strategies, and post-release distribution.

6 MAR 2024

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The global company specialized in TV content demand analytics, Parrot Analytics, has just partnered with Telefilm Canada, a Crown corporation reporting to Canada's federal government. In short, the provider will supply data and statistics to contribute to Telefilm's decision-making processes regarding movie concept funding, marketing strategies, and post-release distribution.

Telefilm will be tapping into Parrot Analytics’ suite of audience demand measurement products to make data-driven decisions across a movie's lifecycle, from concept funding to post-release distribution. This will empower the corporation to understand audience demographics and sentiment, assess co-production potential for broader reach, track marketing campaign effectiveness, and measure overall movie success, ensuring Canadian cinema thrives both domestically and internationally. This partnership builds upon Parrot Analytics’ established relationship with the Canadian Media Fund (CMF), solidifying the company’s commitment to supporting the Canadian audiovisual industry and empowering content creators with actionable audience insights.

Renee Engelhardt, VP Partner Insights at Parrot Analytics explains in which items they can collaborate: "Telefilm Canada plays a vital role in nurturing and elevating Canadian and Indigenous films. By leveraging our global demand data, they can gain deeper audience insights to support filmmakers and maximize the impact of their content both domestically and internationally," commented.

Francesca Accinelli, SVP of Strategy and Industry Development at Telefilm Canada referred to the tools they will have with this deal: Parrot Analytics’ data enables us to assess the global audience sentiment towards films. From a film’s initial reception in the festival circuit to its theatrical release, followed by paid platforms and TV broadcasts, this tool offers insights that will inform our program strategies and initiatives. Enhancing our collaborations with the industry, this data will further our understanding of audience segmentation and travelability, playing a crucial role in the success of Canadian and Indigenous cinema," noted.