Toon Factory’s new animated series "How to Squoosh" to air on Canal+Kids

Broadcast on the channel will be supported by a poster campaign, with more than 200 posters in Paris.

4 APR 2024

"How to Squoosh"

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Adapted from the series of albums of the same name by Catherine Leblanc and Roland Garrigue, and published by Glénat Jeunesse, Toon Factory’s new series "How to Squoosh" will be broadcast very soon on CANAL+KIDS. Broadcast on the channel will be supported by a poster campaign, with more than 200 posters in Paris.

“With the trust that Glénat and CANAL+ put in us, we have been able to make this adaptation into a very funny series while never making fun of children’s fears”, said Thierry Berthier, founder of Toon Factory and producer of the series. “Helping them to understand them, learn about them and tame them is more than just a wish, it’s our objective.”

“I squoosh, you squoosh, we squoosh... happily all sorts of monsters and fears and hassles of children’s lives, and have been doing so for more than 15 years at Glénat Jeunesse! The series of works created by Catherine Leblanc and illustrated by Roland Garrigue counts more than 25 products including albums, colouring books, CD-books… and even a dictionary!” said Aude Sarrazin, Youth Editorial Director at Glénat. “We are really happy to know that children will soon discover the gently off-beat and really efficient spirit of the series on the screen!”

“At CANAL+KIDS, we care very much about providing youth programming which entertains children while also supporting them through various stages of their development. From a very early age, managing emotions, managing fears is part of their everyday lives, and it is important for children to be able to face up to them and overcome them”, said Christine Cauquelin, Director of Documentary, Youth and Animation Channels and Program Units at CANAL+. “We were really won over by the 'How to Squoosh' book collection which explores these issues with intelligence and humour, and we are proud to propose an animated series which although a comedy still sends a little shiver down the spine. Monsters and nightmares had better watch out, because thanks to the terrific twosome of Chloé and her monster Spookie, children will be in charge and have all the keys they need to carefreely face up to the biggest frights with humour. The fear’s going to be on the other foot!”

“How to Squoosh” is a fun-filled programme where children play with their fears and squoosh them to get rid of them. Presenting the show is a terrific twosome: Chloé, the intrepid squoosher in chief, who, for all of her 8 years, is nobody’s fool, and Spookie, the reflection of her own fear and faithful monster who she thinks she has tamed.

“When I drew the first albums in the series ‘How to Squoosh’, I thought a lot about the cartoons of my childhood, but I never thought that one day they’d become cartoons themselves”, said illustrator Roland Garrigue. “It’s an immense joy and massive privilege to see my characters coming to life on screen!”