United Heroes produces a war film based on British Soldier Shaun Pinner story

"The English Warrior" (WT) is an adaptation of Shaun Pinner’s memoir in the Ukraine-Russia war, made by Chips Hardy ("Taboo").

21 JUN 2024

Shaun Pinner

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United Heroes is producing the feature film adaptation of "Live, Fight, Survive", the autobiographical book from English soldier Shaun Pinner. Chips Hardy (BBC’s "Taboo") is signed to write the screen adaptation of the film, titled "The English Warrior" (working title) and award-winning producer and co-founder of United Heroes, Egor Olesov will produce the film. He will work alongside experienced producers Johannes Boesiger ("Fly Little Bird") and for line producing Alexa Waugh ("Three Day Millionaire") to develop and make the feature film.

"The English Warrior" is the breathtaking true story of a soldier fighting for his home and family. In this raw account of the Russian invasion in Ukraine in 2022, an English soldier and prisoner of war must delve deep to find inner strength, ingenuity and spirit to live, fight, and survive.

Chips Hardy, screenwriter, comments, “It’s an extraordinary story of human resilience from a war that is right on our doorstep. A war fought on social media alongside fields and streets, when even mobile phones have been weaponised. Shaun and his wife Larysa’s experiences show how just quickly and easily everyday life can be devastated by forces completely beyond our control.”

Shaun Pinner, author, says “I am very excited about the story coming to life on film; I set out initially to spread the word of how Ukrainian prisoners are being tortured and treated, and to highlight the suffering caused by Russia's illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The genocide being committed by Russia in places like Bucha, Irpin and my home, Mariupol, should never be forgotten, and I hope my story adds to the understanding of what is actually going on in Ukraine from a ground level perspective and first hand experience. I am also grateful to everybody who has helped me achieve this goal."

Producer and co-founder of United Heroes, Egor Olesov “Shaun’s story is an incredibly raw account of human resilience in the face of the most terrifying circumstances imaginable. When we heard what Shaun had been through and his extraordinary spirit despite this, it felt essential that his story be shared with the world. And further to this, that the wilful destruction of an independent country taking place right now is never forgotten. We are deeply thankful to Shaun for allowing us to tell his story onscreen, and to Chips and the team for coming on board this unique project.”