ViX starts shooting six new original shows

TelevisaUnivisión's streaming service expands its offerings through new productions. Among them, the first movie with The Media Pro Studio, a romantic comedy, reality shows about renowned figures in music, some of the main exponents of the regional Mexican genre, and a documentary about Laura Bozzo.

21 MAR 2024

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ViX, the Spanish streaming service from TelevisaUnivisión, announced new original productions that will be part of the service's content offerings. The new titles include movies, reality shows, and documentaries. Below, we will review the new offerings.

The chosen films for this occasion are two comedies: "Intercambiadas" and "Mi casa no es tu casa". In the first case, it's a production by The Media Pro Studio starring Silvia Navarro, Michelle Rodríguez, and Kaled Acab. The plot begins with Sebastián, a 9-year-old boy who, after an argument with his mom, wishes that Lupe, the maid, were his mother—and it comes true! Paola and Lupe undergo a body swap that forces them to assume each other's roles. Lupe becomes a high executive in a marketing agency with an important project at hand, while Paola becomes a domestic worker in her own home. As they seek a way to return to their bodies, both will face enormous challenges and learn a lot from each other and about themselves. Lupe will gain the confidence she needs to venture into a new love, and Paola will discover that the most important project in her life is her children, realizing that she had forgotten about her home with so much work.

On the other hand, "Mi casa no es tu casa" is a joint production between Nectar Films, Marvista, and Cimarrón. Andrés and Mia are deeply in love, but the only problem is that Mia has two children, Facu (12) and Santi (8), who hate this new relationship. Things get complicated when Andrés moves in with them. In response, the children join forces and will do the impossible to get rid of their mom's new boyfriend and make it very clear that he is not welcome.

The reality shows focus on music. "Chiquis Unfiltered", produced by JK Media Group and Busy Bee Productions, delves into the overwhelming life of singer and personality Janney "Chiquis" Rivera. Chiquis will open up her heart like never before, revealing her most intimate story. Viewers will get to know in-depth everything about her past, touching on painful topics she had wanted to keep silent about. Each episode will be full of fun, tears, and strong emotions from her daily life. We will see Chiquis unfiltered from her home in Los Angeles and at every step of her tour through the United States and Mexico, her time with family, and the many things she deals with every day that no one imagines, including how her family handles conflicts and the challenges of being the eldest sister. Additionally, this docuseries will show step by step all the preparations for her wedding, and the final episode will reveal how Chiquis achieves two important goals in her personal life and her professional career.

On the other hand, "Mi mundo", produced by Alton River and Plataforma, authentically addresses an aspect never seen before of regional Mexican music, a musical genre that dominates global charts, breaks conventions, and represents the culture and legacy that unites fans on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. The series will show the unique lifestyle offstage, the creative process, and the behind-the-scenes of the professional careers of the most prominent representatives of this musical movement that is making history and conquering new markets.

Documentaries are another strong focus of the company. One of them is "Laura Bozzo: del infierno a las estrellas", produced by Trailer Films. The title tracks the untold story of one of the most controversial presenters in Latin American television over the last three decades. This production offers exclusive access to Laura Bozzo, her intimacy, secrets, current life, as well as personal archive material and all the figures that have been part of her career since its beginnings. This documentary will offer a deep look into the scandals, successes, and failures of the TV presenter and detail revealing events about her life, romantic relationships, and her ties to power, fame, and money.

Finally, soccercannot be left out. "Toros Neza" is a sports docuseries about one of the teams that changed the history of Mexican soccer during the 1990s. Against all odds, a daring, fun, and rebellious team reaches the Grand Final of the championship and, in the process, captivates an entire country: The Toros Neza. They dye their hair with the colors of the rainbow, enter the field with Spiderman masks, Salinas and the Chupacabras, or with hats, as if they were a band of outlaws. They either win by a lot or end up being defeated; there is no middle ground. Toros understood that glory is not measured in titles and left its mark of soccer and revolution. Perhaps that's why they are the only Crownless Champion in Mexican football history. Legends like Miguel "Piojo" Herrera, Rodrigo "Pony" Ruiz, Enrique "Ojitos" Meza, Nidelson Silva de Melo, and Federico Lussenhoff participate in the series. Production: The Lift. Guests: Alex Aguinaga, Ramón Ramírez, Braulio Luna, Tilón Chávez, Diego Latorre, Arturo Brizio."