Woodcut Media produces new true-crime doc for Prime Video in the UK and Ireland

"The London Underground Killer" delves into the life of an Irish vagrant, who could possibly be one of the UK’s most prolific serial killers. The titles will be distributed by Abacus Media Rights.

8 MAY 2024

"The London Underground Killer"

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Woodcut Media is currently in production on a compelling new true crime feature documentary "The London Underground Killer" (1x90’), for Prime Video in the UK and Ireland. Distributor Abacus Media Rights (AMR), is handling worldwide sales.

The documentary delves into the life of an Irish vagrant by the name of Kieran Kelly, who could possibly be one of the UK’s most prolific serial killers. Kelly confessed to murdering fifteen people and attempting to kill countless others. Kelly was arrested for petty theft in 1983, and whilst in his holding cell, killed his fellow inmate, strangling him with a pair of socks. In the subsequent police interviews, Kelly claimed to have murdered and attacked many more people, including pushing them in front of trains, setting others on fire, and even poisoning. Committed over a period of thirty years, his alleged crimes kicked off an investigation that delved into a hidden world of delusions, fear, and desperation on the streets of London.

Executive producers are Matthew Gordon and Koulla Anastasi, producer is Emma Griffiths and Jo Conchie-Power is director.

Matthew Gordon commented, “We are pleased to join forces again with Abacus Media Rights on this documentary for Prime Video. As we explore the life of Kieran Kelly, we shed some light on the inner workings of an individual who lived on the edge of society. His recollections of the heinous acts he claimed to have committed was confused by years of addiction and also his own mythology. This film questions not only the reality of these crimes but also society's reaction to the violence carried out in an underground society that was hidden in plain sight."