ZDF Studios unveils new kids’ productions for early 2024

The new company's slate includes "Dinomite & Lucy," "Klincus," and "Dougie Dolittle," featuring different business models with global industry leaders.

2 FEB 2024

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ZDF Studios' Junior department has announced the first program launches and upcoming highlights for early 2024. Oliver Grundel, Director Junior, ZDF Studios, stated: "At the beginning of 2024, I am particularly proud to be one of the first members of our team to be able to focus our efforts on important discussions and activities for these new shows. Attending prominent events such as the Kidscreen Summit or SXSW, my primary focus will be conversations around our upcoming project, Dougie Dolittle. This animated series is currently in development, and we are actively seeking strong co-production and pre-buy partnerships to develop and realize this wonderful concept further in collaboration with our production company. However, we would also like to invite international partners to approach us with project proposals and encourage a spirit of collaboration and creativity."

The CGI series "Dinomite & Lucy," aimed at children aged 6 to 9, is now ready for distribution and takes young viewers on a prehistoric adventure full of crazy ideas and childhood challenges. The series' heroes are Dino, a resourceful young dinosaur, and his extraordinary pet Lucy, a headstrong cave girl, as they navigate childhood in the charming dinosaur town of Farnheim. Based on the beloved children's books by Ute Krause, the lovable series explores themes of friendship, acceptance, and overcoming differences. Admired animation experts TRIKK17 and M.A.R.K.13™ are co-producing this delightful series with Fabriques d'Images. Toon2Tango is responsible for French-speaking territories, Italy, Iberia, and China, while ZDF Studios handles distribution in all other territories worldwide. Dino Mite's international appeal stems from its universal themes, well-developed characters, imaginative setting, educational content, established source material, collaboration between prestigious studios, and a history of award-winning productions. These elements position the series as a strong contender in the global children's animation market.

The animated series "Klincus" (26x22' in 3D CGI format) has significant international appeal for the global market due to its universal themes of nature and balance, its timeless exploration of the clash between modernity and tradition, and its visually captivating steampunk fantasy world. The series appeals to a wide age range (8-12 years) and features an adventurous storyline that transcends cultural boundaries. The international collaboration of renowned studios, including Showlab Srl, RAI Ragazzi, ZDF, Fabrique d'Images, and Telegael, enhances the series' global appeal. Set in a magical world at the heart of the Great Forest, a steampunk fantasy world at the height of the Industrial Revolution, "Klincus" follows Klincus, a young orphan who has escaped from the factory of the wealthy industrialist Graylock. Klincus discovers the secret city of Frondosa, a refuge for little people, where he finds a new home and friends. The series explores the delicate balance between man and nature, with themes of adventure, friendship, and difficult choices. It also represents the clash between modernity and tradition.

In addition, ZDF Studios is seeking co-production/co-development partners for the upcoming 3D animated/CGI series and adventure comedy for 6-9-year-olds "Dougie Dolittle" (26x22'). Produced by Caligari Film, this modern adaptation and standalone creation is inspired by the idea of "Doctor Dolittle" and follows 14-year-old Dougie Dolittle, who uniquely communicates with every creature on Earth. We follow Dougie as he navigates the challenges of living a 'normal' teenage life while acting as a bridge between the human and animal worlds. At the same time, he explores the idea that his extraordinary ability can be both a curse and a great gift, with a humorous take on the challenges he faces.