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Content 28 JUN 2022

ZDF Studios unveils new nature documentaries from Doclights

28 JUN 2022
The new additions are "Bee Wild!," "Wild Netherlands," "Pantanal - Brazil’s Natural Miracle" and "Lydia and the Giants - Into the Wild Pantanal.

Content 23 JUN 2022

Cottonwood, Hulu, ZDF and France Télévisions join forces on “Spellbound”

23 JUN 2022
Cottonwood Media, in co-production with Opéra de Paris and international broadcasters Hulu, ZDF, ZDF Studios, and France Télévisions, have joined forces to produce the premium live-action tween series “Spellbound.”

Eventos 17 JUN 2022

Ecuavisa Studios lleva nuevas coproducciones y alianzas estratégicas a Conecta Fiction

17 JUN 2022
Ana Cecilia Alvarado, CEO de Ecuavisa Studios, participará el 23 de junio junto a Marja Pykko, directora finlandesa (Kosta), y Susanne Frank, directora de Drama de ZDF Studios (Alemania) del workshop “Coproducción, necesidad y negocio a la vez”,

TV 30 MAY 2022

ZDF Studios unveil new documentary “The History of Trash”

30 MAY 2022
ZDF Studios launched a brand new documentary covering a very contemporary topic, “The History of Trash,” a film which offers a glimpse into the landfills and cesspits of history and finds that recycling is almost as old as mankind itself.

Content 17 MAY 2022

ZDF Studios secures global distribution rights to "Mysteries of the Bible"

17 MAY 2022
The six-part title is produced by Pernel Media for French channel C8 from the Canal+ group.