9 DIC 2019


AXN Spain booked a big package of over 100 Entertainment episodes from the French productor and distributor.


Sony Pictures Television owned channel, AXN Spain, renewed the agreement with French producer and distributor Prime Entertainment Group, for a package of over 100 episodes of celebrity and entertainment programs. "We are glad to continue developing our partnership with major players like Sony AXN. This new deal helps strengthen ties between Prime and the Network on a global scale. Our entertainment programs have proven to be very successful among leading movie networks worldwide. This new deal with Sony AXN Spain is a great business opportunity and reinforces our presence on the Spanish market.” says Alexandra Marguerite, Prime's Head of Sales.

Indeed, after concluding several deals in multiple territories with the channels Sony AXN Central Europe, Sony AXN Germany and Sony AXN Russia, this time, it’s Sony AXN Spain to turn to Prime for a substantial number of celebrity and entertainment episodes coming from Prime’s HD homemade production, including 90 episodes of "Spotlight" (250x 2’30) and 13 episodes of "Close Up" (105x26’). These celebrity biographical programs, telling all about the glam and glitter of Hollywood’s finest, have a lot of success and score high ratings among channels worldwide.

This transaction of over a hundred episodes follows the tracks of several other deals finalized between Prime and the AXN named channels, strengthening the business relationship ongoing with the major Sony. Indeed, Sony AXN Spain has already contracted a package of Prime’s own "Stars!" (104x4). More recently, it’s Sony AXN Russia which contracted 100 episodes of "Hollywood On Set" (52x26’). And to cover more territory in western Europe, Sony AXN Germany sign up for a package "Close Up" (105x26’) and "Hollywood’s Best Film Directors" (87x26’), and finally Sony AXN Central Europe 3 seasons of Car reality show "Test Drive" (71x26’).