The award winning animated film will be aired on the cultural channel, TVP Kultura in Poland, marking the beginning of a successful partnership between between both companies.

2 DEC 2019

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Prime Entertainment Group has recently inked a deal with the public television broadcaster Telewizja Polska for the rights of the much-appreciated animation film “The Triplets of Belleville”, to air on Telewizja Polska’s cultural channel, TVP Kultura.

Thanks to the addition of animation programs to Prime’s catalog, this deal marks the beginning of a successful partnership between Prime and TVP Kultura. Indeed, since enriching their catalog with an important number of animation programs including both animation series and animation feature films, PRIME is now ready to satisfy programming needs of new partners worldwide.

“We are glad to close this first deal with Telewizja Polska and hope to develop our partnership with this great network. It is a true satisfaction to see that the recently added animation titles produced by our partners Les Armateurs and Folimage appeal to international audience. Such distinguished titles as ‘Les Triplettes de Belleville’ contribute to the variety of our growing catalogue and open new exciting opportunities for Prime in Poland.” Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Sales for Prime.

Internationally acclaimed “The Triplets of Belleville” is highly praised by audiences and critics for its unique style of animation, making a name for its own in this category and bringing home numerous nominations and awards, including nominations at Cannes and Annecy film festivals and the Oscars.

Telewizja Polska is one of the largest broadcasting corporation in Poland, counting multiple national and regional channels. Dedicated to arts and culture, TVP Kultura is TELEWIZJA POLSKA’s cultural channel broadcasting cinema, music, history, performing arts, documentaries and overall cultural related programs. This new deal reinforces Prime’s presence in Eastern Europe and particularly in Poland, where Prime’s titles air on such major networks as Polsat, Nat Geo and Zoom TV.