EFM 2024: TVP's new feature film "The Love Buzz" to debut at Berlin

Polish public broadcaster has completed the production of new romcom starring by Agnieszka Suchora and Edyta Olszówka.


"The Love Buzz"


New TVP (Telewizja Polska) feature film "The Love Buzz" will debut at the European Film Market 2024 and will lead TVP’s EFM slate alongside recently announced series, "The Bay of Spies." The new film was commissioned and financed by TVP with Executive Producers Akson Studio. It was directed by Maciej Migas ("Scratch"), produced by Michał Kwieciński ("Filip") and co-written by Hotel 52 writers Aneta Głowska and Katarzyna Leżeńska. Distribution will be managed by TVP International and M Media is distributing to Benelux, Germany, Austria, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland and the UK.

"The Love Buzz" centres around the middle-aged Majka (Agnieszka Suchora) and Agata (Edyta Olszówka), who have as much in common as they do apart. One lives by the Baltic Sea, the other in the Tatra Mountains. One runs a confectionary shop, the other is a successful interior designer. One is a widow, and the other's partner has just left her for a younger one. One devotes herself to children and grandchildren, completely forgetting about herself, the other has no family and only cares about her spiritual development. One day, contemplating life at a mutual friend’s funeral, Agata persuades Majka to spice things up and do a life swap. "The Love Buzz" is a comedy of manners about mature friendship and love that comes unexpectedly.

Also joining TVP’s slate at EFM is "The Bay of Spies", a high-octane spy thriller series directed by Michał Rogalski which has been released on TVP in Poland.

Aleksandra Kaźmieruk, Head of Global Distribution at TVP, says, “We’re excited about the world to see what the 'buzz' is all about with our slate at EFM this year! We’re expanding into the romcom space with this hilarious and heart-warming film. It seems unusual these days to see two women in their fifties finding love and new friendships, and 'The Love Buzz' really highlights that age is just a number.”

In addition to theatrical distribution in Poland run by TVP’s theatrical distribution department, TVP is also actively looking for partners to release selected titles in cinemas internationally for the Polish diaspora. This amounts to approximately 21 million worldwide, half of which live in Europe, outside Poland. "The Love Buzz" will be presented almost concurrently in 14 European countries. TVP partner M Media, previously distributed such TVP titles as "Beloved Neighbours", "Alpha Male", and "Ann". Distribution is carried out in the original language, with subtitles in the local language, which makes it possible to expand the audience to include local viewers.