RTVE’s Showcase will be held in Toledo for the first time

Renewed under the slogan "The content you want," the event will be held at the Beatriz Hotel on 27 and 28 June and, as in previous years, presented by Elena Sánchez.


The fourth RTVE Showcase will be more impressive than its predecessors and will be held in the monumental imperial city of Toledo. Renewed under the slogan "The content you want," it will be held at the Beatriz Hotel on 27 and 28 June and, as in previous years, presented by Elena S. Sánchez. The goals of RTVE's Showcase are to explain what the Corporation produces and where it's heading in a global audiovisual world entertainingly to increase international sales of its products, promote its image abroad as a driving force of the Spanish audiovisual industry and reinforce its links with the leading players on the international stage.

Buyers from over 30 countries will attend this fourth RTVE Showcase, including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, and Guatemala from America; China, South Korea, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates from Asia; France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Albania, Lithuania and Cyprus from Europe, and Tanzania from Africa. Representatives of the leading European public TV channels, including the BBC, ZDF, RTP, TVP, HRT, FRANCE TV, and RAI, among others, will share the program drawn up for 2023 with RTVE.

The RTVE Showcase is a professional event geared towards content and purchase managers in the international audiovisual market, and it forms part of the CorporatiCorporation'sal activity abroad. RTVE will present its latest productions and organize several forums with the presence of the most relevant creators, talents, and experts in the Spanish audiovisual sector. A private viewing area will be set up with the panel discussions for the participating executives. More than 500 hours of TVE productions encompassing all genres (fiction, documentary, entertainment, and factual) will be available to the attendees in the viewing room set up at the Beatriz Hotel in Toledo.

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