Prime Entertainment revamps its World War 2 content offer

French production and distribution company's offer includes more than 20 documentaries and 30 hours of top-quality content from recognized producers.

1 DEC 2023

"6 June 44 - the Light of Dawn"

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In light of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Prime Entertainment Group offers to its partners its vast selection of historical documentaries revolving around World War 2. Prime's vast portfolio includes more than 20 documentaries and 30 hours of top-quality content from recognized producers with high-profile programs that cover every aspect and angle of this tragic part of History.

“Memories of D-Day” (52') and “6 June 44 - the Light of Dawn" (2x52’) reflect the unfolding of the decisive D-Day, thanks to never-seen-before archives and exclusive footage of this turning point of the war. "Einsatzgruppen: the Nazi Death Squads" shows the mechanism, as well as the atrocities, committed by those commandos that spread terror and death across Europe.

Prime's extensive catalog also comprehends programs showing the premises - and aftermath - of the war. Documentaries like "The Adolf Eichmann Trial" (90') or “Benjamin Ferencz, the Nuremberg Prosecutor” (52’), unraveling the emergence of the genocide of the Jews, dive deep into the consequences of the war, while "Hitler is my neighbor" (52') is a vibrant testimony of how life was like growing up in 1930s' Germany.

Prime’s programs can cover certain aspects and actors of the War that are unknown to the public: in "The Graveyard of Truk Lagoon" (52'), the audience explores an ancient island that has been nicknamed “the Japanese Pearl Harbour” after the mysterious “Operation Hailstone”, while “The Master of Submarines” (52’) recounts the life and suspicious death of Germany’s most successful naval officer.
Prime's illustrious catalog has been internationally recognized, inking deals with prestigious clients such as Netflix, Rai Italy, Discovery, PBS, to name a few.

Prime's Head of Sales, Alexandra Marguerite, comments: "Thanks to the variety of our catalog, Prime's status as one of Europe's leading distributors of history-related programs continues to grow stronger. We are delighted to present these high-quality programs to our long-time clients and to new partners."