Prime Entertainment sends several titles to Monaco, France and Africa

The company reached a deal with TVMonaco for a documentary package; and sold "Hollywood On Set" to Studio Universal and three animated movies to Benshi France.

20 OCT 2023

“Princes and Princesses”

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Prime Entertainment Group has announced a new major deal with TVMonaco for a set of high-profile documentaries including the historical programs “An Encounter with Banting” (1x52’), “The Graveyard of Truk Lagoon” (1x52’) and “The Master of Submarines” (1x52’), along with the environmental “Plastic Island” (1x52’).

Prime has been diversifying intensively its catalog by adding of a variety of documentaries covering historical subjects, art and culture along with current affairs and society. Alexandra Marguerite, Prime’s Head of Sales, says: “We are delighted to start our partnership with TVMonaco. It is a true satisfaction to see that thanks to the variety of our catalog we offer quality programming to new players on the market in search of captivating and successful documentaries for their audience.”

In addition. Prime has licensed the 2024 season of their hit show, "Hollywood on Set" (52x26’) to Studio Universal in Africa. The weekly series takes the audience behind the scenes and straight onto the set of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. The popular show will air on Studio Universal in Africa in early 2024. Alexandra Marguerite, commented: “We are thrilled to continue licensing our compelling cinema-related series to Studio Universal, which is such a targeted destination for our content to reach viewers across Africa.”

In the animation field, Prime Entertainment Group has inked a new deal with French SVOD kids platform Benshi France for “Kirikou and the Wild Beasts” (1x75’), “Kirikou and Men and Women” (1x80’), and “Princes and Princesses” (1x64’). The first two movies are both part of the legendary French saga “Kirikou”. “Princes and Princesses” features two creative children, that meet every night in an abandoned shadow theatre. This deal further strengthens the two companies’ already successful relationship, their most recent deal being sealed for the cutest animation of all – “Bellysaurus” (8’) earlier this year.

Prime’s constantly evolving animation catalogue offers a large set of programs catering for the kids from 3 to 12. The latest animation lineup includes their hit-series “Runes” (26x22 mins) – as well as the third season of their successful show “Ariol” (2x24 mins), following the adventures of an adorable little blue donkey and his friends.