Prime Entertainment's “Runes” series to be streamed on RTBF’s AUVIO kids

"Runes" follows the story of 12-year-old William, heir to the throne of Normandy and has achieved great ratings on its home country, France.

30 JUN 2023


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Prime Entertainment Group has inked a new major deal with RTBF (Belgian Radio-Television of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) for their hit-series “Runes”, that will be soon arriving at RTBF’s platform AUVIO kids, which is a space reserved only for kids, securised, free of charge and without advertisement and reachable everywhere and on every screen.

"Runes" follows the story of 12-year-old William, heir to the throne of Normandy. Following his father's death, William seeks refuge in the village of Baligan, incognito as a peasant boy called Hugo. After stumbling upon a cave, he discovers ancient runes that unleash mysterious magic... and a terrible threat, Loki, God of Chaos.

"Runes" has met with great success in its home country, achieving great ratings on Canal+. Recently, a range of deals has been closed with major companies like RTS Switzerland along with partners in the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada.

Prime and RTBF continue their long-time partnership, RTBF most recently acquiring a range of historical, biographical and lifestyle documentaries including "Mamy Rock" (52'), "Me The People" (52') and "The True Story of Angelina Jolie" (52') along with a number of live concerts of internationally acclaimed bands like Morcheeba and Texas.

Prime's Head of Sales, Alexandra Marguerite, commented on the deal: "We are proud to maintain our partnership with RTBF thanks to the variety of our catalog, and particularly glad that the young audience will soon enjoy the amazing adventures of Hugo and his friends."