3 OCT 2023

Alexandra Marguerite: "We continue bringing the variety of our catalogue"

The Head of Sales at Prime Entertainment Group stands out the animated titles, as well as the cinema related catalogue and historic documentaries the French company has for global buyers.

3 OCT 2023

Alexandra Marguerite

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Prime Entertainment Group is well known in the audiovisual industry for its vast and variety portfolio. After the enormous successful of "Vanille, A Caribbean Tale", the French sales company is representing its latest animation series “Runes" (26x22'), addressing to kids and young audience. "It has been very successful, we presented it in Kidscreen, MIFA, and other markets like MIPTV and Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Biarritz. Our priority is to close more deals with partners for this series," said Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Sales at Prime Entertainment.

Prime also has a relevant cinema related catalogue that is enriching every month. The company continues production of its high profile celebrity documentary “Close up”(20x26’). "We have the latest season with Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig and younger stars, like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone because they become more and more popular and we realized that channels would like to know more about these younger stars," explained Marguerite.

Prime has another cinema related documentaries with important names for the industry such as Cary Grant, Mary Pickford, and Dorothy Arzner, whose story is not known. "Arzner was one of the first female directors in Hollywood and she climbed the ladder. She used to be a cutter in the editing room and then little by little she progressed in her career and she became a very important director in Hollywood back in the days. So it's very important to tell her story to people," commented the Prime Entertainment executive. In its catalog, the distributor also has historic documentaries like "6 June 44 – The Light of Dawn" (2x52') to commemorate the anniversary of Normandy landings. "It has some very nice archive footage filmed by the GIs themselves during the landings," she said.

Marguerite asserted that channels are requiring more and more environmental documentaries focused on solutions. "People do not want to see any more that the situation is critical. Now people would like to see what are the solutions, what can everybody do," expressed the executive. In this line, Prime Entertainment has the program "Chocolate to Save the Amazon" (52'), about the solution that was found to preserve the environment by planting the cocoa. "The challenge today is to be able to provide more documentaries that would bring solutions to the environment," she commented.

Looking to the next year, Prime Entertainment Group will continue bringing the variety of its catalogue and providing what their clients need in animation and entertainment. The French company works with linear and non-linear partners alike and it's evaluating to work with FAST Channels in the future. "We meet with them because this model is definitely very attractive," she said.