ORF Austria picks up a new documentary from Prime Entertainment

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation has acquired the cinematic documentary “Daphné Du Maurier: In Rebecca’s Footsteps” that explores the author’s work.

28 OCT 2022

"Daphné Du Maurier: In Rebecca’s Footsteps"

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Prime Entertainment Group renews their deal with major Austrian network ORF for the cinematic documentary “Daphné du Maurier: In Rebecca’s Footsteps” (52’). Previusly, the French distributor has licensed media to ORF with the documentary “New Orleans, In the Heat of Night” (52) which explores the tumultuous socio-political climate of the city after the devastating Hurricane Katrina.

Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Sales at Prime, says, “It is a great satisfaction to work with ORF and bring a range of dynamic programs to an Austrian audience. Our documentary catalogue is continuously evolving and we are happy to continue our partnership with such leading players.”

“Daphné du Maurier: In Rebecca’s Footsteps” is a curated documentary that explores the author’s work that inspired and was subsequently adapted into Alfred Hitchcock’s films such as “Jamaica Inn”, “The Birds” and one of his most acclaimed films, “Rebecca”. The documentary uses photographs, archival footage, and stunning shots of landscapes of Du Maurier’s beloved Cornwall, while an erudite selection of talking heads discuss her childhood and life within a famous and bohemian family, her development as a writer, her complex domestic life and how the two women in Rebecca represented opposite and contradictory sides of Du Maurier’s complex personality.

This program greatly contributes to Prime’s collection of high-profile biographies based on cinema legends such as their latest documentaries featuring “The True Story of The Barrymore’s” (54’), “The True Story of Dorothy Arzner” (54’), and “The True Story of Carry Grant” (54’), which all explore influential Hollywood legends brought back to life through an incredible restoration process.