TelevisaUnivision sold "Travesuras del a Niña Mala" to Poland

The company closed a new deal with, the operator of Poland’s most significant independent VOD service, which will exclusively stream the series on CDA Premium.

2 NOV 2023

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TelevisaUnivision closed a new deal with, the operator of Poland's most significant independent VOD service. As a result of this agreement, has acquired the ViX Original series, "Travesuras De La Niña Mala," to stream it on CDA Premium exclusively. This significant agreement solidifies the ongoing partnership between TelevisaUnivision and CDA S.A., reinforcing their joint commitment to expanding the reach of ViX Originals series in the vibrant Polish market.

Through this collaboration, TelevisaUnivision continues its strategic initiative to bring its premium content to a broader international audience, further enhancing its position as a global Spanish-language content powerhouse. "Travesuras De La Niña Mala" (Bad Girl) is a romantic series based on the acclaimed novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, which premiered exclusively on ViX with new weekly episodes in 2022. The series tells the epic love story between a nonconformist and adventurous young woman and Ricardo, a man trapped in a predictable routine whom she calls a "good boy."

Thanks to the "bad girl," he slowly learns to leave his comfort zone. These two characters' lives will intertwine over forty years through reunions across Lima, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, London, and more. The "bad girl" invites us to challenge our lives on autopilot, transform ourselves, take more risks to feel alive, and seek happiness through excitement. A premise that questions what life is without those exciting moments from the perspective of a character that lives life feeling immortal. The series' cast includes Macarena Achaga ("The Wrath of God," "Father of the Bride," "Luis Miguel, The Series,") and Juan Pablo Di Pace ("The Mattachine Family," "Fuller House," "A.D. The Bible Continues," "Dallas," "Mamma Mia") who stars in the original production filmed in Paris, London, and Mexico City.