1 APR 2024

Europe: 30% of SVOD viewing time goes to UK and European content

Reports by the European Audiovisual Observatory revealed that European productions accounted for 30% of SVOD viewing time, including 21% for EU works and 9% from the UK.

1 APR 2024

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European films and TV content accounted for 30% of SVOD viewing time in Europe, including 21% for EU productions and 9% for UK works, according to a research by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

According to the observatory, when comparing their share in catalogs and viewing time, US productions are systematically overconsumed and European are underconsumed. However, among European productions, national works are overconsumed in 7 out of 9 countries, whereas EU non-national works are underconsumed in all countries. Beyond European and US works, productions from other regions of the world are consumed well under their share of catalogs, 8%.

VOD catalogs in high and mid-volume film and TV production countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain rely more on national works for their European offering, with 64% of all EU works in VOD catalogs in France being of national origin, while VOD catalogs in lower volume production countries rely mostly on EU non-national works for their EU works offering, with 1% of productions being of national origin in VOD catalogs in Bulgaria, for example.For all types of VOD catalogues, European non-national works represented the majority of EU works, with 64% of all works in TVOD catalogues being of EU non-national origin, 78% in SVOD and 67% in FOD catalogs.