12 JUN 2023

Which were the most recent UX & UI changes in Netflix and Prime Video?

BB Media’s latest UX & UI analysis found that Netflix and Prime Video were the two streaming platforms with more changes on its interface in recent months in Argentina.

12 JUN 2023

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BB Media’s latest UX & UI analysis found that Netflix and Prime Video were the two streaming platforms with more changes on its interface in recent months in Argentina, out of five others of the most popular streaming platforms: Disney+, Pluto TV, Star+, and Globoplay.

Netflix has gone through interesting variations of its functions and look & feel in the past year. It was found that Netflix has come up with some original ideas for their content sections: the platform is well known for having content categories with original, fun and appealing names such as “From Hollywood to your screen,” “Plans for the weekend,” “Girls night at home,” “Strong women behind the camera” or “To laugh in 30 minutes.”  This year, the OTT added a themed filter in the movies section based on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, in March of 2023, Netflix showed a new filter in the movies section, this time based on International Women’s Day.

Another modification that Netflix made in the past month on its user experience has been the comedy shorts. This new section had its first appearance in this analysis in July of 2021 on iOS and Android. There, users could watch funny short clips from the content available on the platform. But, at the start of 2023, BB Media discovered that Netflix now also offers these shorts on the info section of some popular contents on Android smartphones, besides its own section.

On the second half of 2022, Prime Video had a drastic change of its look & feel for the first time in years. The OTT added a variation of new functions, such as the function to zoom in on the content from the player of an Android smartphone, the possibility to filter content by genres (such as Anime, Comedy, Drama and Romance), posters with the tag “Coming Soon,” and playing a teaser trailer when users position themselves on a poster in the main home.

The platform seems to also have a focus on the fans of their content: on Android, it was noted on 2022 that Prime Video now offers an “Explore” section with the characters’ biographies and trailers of original series, such as “The Boys” and “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.” With this function, users can read the biographies of their favorite characters to keep up with the new seasons. Another interesting detail Prime Video incorporated for its users is that on some original series they can see curious facts that appear in the scenes while the content is being played.

Both platforms focused their modifications on the devices which are the most popular among users, as are smartphones: 96,09% of Netflix’s users and 95,68% of Prime Video’s users navigate the app through this device.

“These two streaming platforms have gone through changes on their interface not only focusing on the user experience as a client of the platform, but on the personal interest of the users for their content, by adding categories for a festive month or days, funny clips of popular series or information for fans on their most used devices,”  said Ayelén Scorini, UX & Multiscreens+ Live Streaming Leader at BB Media, and the author of the report.