25 AUG 2020


After leading Colombia´s prime time during its broadcast, with more than 7 million daily viewers, “Her Mother´s Killer”, the Caracol Television series, premieres on Netflix on August 26th.

25 AUG 2020

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The series “Her Mother´s Killer”, the Caracol Television series, premieres on Netflix on August 26th, after leading Colombia´s prime time during its broadcast,  with  more than 7 million daily viewers. Its stars the famous actress and Miss Universe runner-up Carolina Gomez, along with Marlon Moreno (“Without Breast There Is No Paradise”) and George Slebi (“The Labyrinth”)

Lisette Osorio, Caracol Television International Sales VP, commented: “Her Mother´s Killer unveils a very relevant and seductive thematic by introducing a daring woman, who prepares to challenge the corrupt system. This, combined with a powerfully dramatic storyline and a very attractive cast makes up a formula that will surprise the market".

Marlon Moreno, the series´ main character, highlighted: “This kind of story, with such political elements, rarely reaches the audiences´ screens. Its success lies on the use of traditional story principles, such as feelings and instincts that characterize human beings, set in the intimacy of the elite political world, and that is why it generates such interest.”

Produced by CMO Producciones for Caracol Television, “Her Mother´s Killer” tells the story of Analia Guerrero, a young and be beautiful woman who decides to take revenge on the man who killed her mother, Guillermo Leon Mejia, a prominent politician who is running for president. On her path to revenge, Analia faces facts that challenge her decision; however, she will connect with other women experiencing similar situations and she will bring justice in the name of each one of them.