16 MAY 2024

ElectricNOW to stream select classic TV series remastered with Topaz Labs’ Video AI

Initial programs being digitally enhanced include “Conan the Adventurer,” “The Lost World,” and “The Immortal.”

16 MAY 2024

“Conan the Adventurer”

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ElectricNOW, Electric Entertainment’s premium OTT app and FAST channel, is using Topaz Labs’ Video AI to digitally remaster its classic TV series exclusively for their OTT platform and App, ElectricNOW. The platform will now offer new, upscale versions of three TV series “Conan the Adventurer,” “The Lost World,” and “The Immortal.” allowing audiences to enjoy these sci-fi/fantasy gems as pristine, if not more so, as when they were originally released.

Dean Devlin, CEO of ElectricNOW’s parent company, Electric Entertainment, "I am blown away at Topaz's high-quality restoration tools, which have enabled classic TV series to not only reclaim their original luster but to enhance them and make them feel as though they were shot in 4k today! ElectricNOWis excited to bring these enhancements to our devoted and passionate fanbase.”

Approximately 132 episodes have been remastered, including 22 episodes from “Conan the Adventurer,” 66 episodes from “The Lost World,” and 22 episodes of “The Immortal.” ElectricNOW plans to debut these newly restored series during a week-long marathon in celebration of Memorial Day, beginning May 25 running through May 31.

Michael Hyon Johnson, Director of Operations, ElectricNOW continues, “We are dedicated to enhancing these television programs for our devoted fan bases who deserve nothing less than pristine and crisp versions of their favorite shows. Through the use of cutting-edge A.I. technology, we can elevate the video quality, achieving sharper visuals while also infusing the film with a softer aesthetic. These enhancements not only enrich the viewing experience for our audiences but also add value for our CTV and platform partners that host ElectricNOW on their devices.”

ElectricNOW used Topaz Labs’ Video AI technology to upscale its existing content and improve the overall video quality of the digitally restored episodes. ElectricNOW leveraged the tool to enhance quality and expedite segment restoration. Topaz Labs is the sole provider of video AI models capable of enhancing content quality up to 16k resolution, catering to enterprise-scale needs.

“The world of video is rapidly changing, and the advent of AI has introduced new possibilities to uplevel quality without compromising artistic integrity,” said Topaz Labs CEO Eric Yang. “By using Video AI, Topaz Labs worked closely with ElectricNOW to enhance the viewer experience, modernizing fan-favorite TV shows so they can be further appreciated and supported for generations to come.”