Rubicon returns to Netflix with new Norwegian Drama Series

The working title, "Salmon Island," is made by the Creators of "Lilyhammer," Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin, and directed by Marit Moum Aune.


Following a decade after the global launch of "Lilyhammer," Netflix is continuing its partnership with creators Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin and Rubicon for the Norwegian drama series "Salmon Island." “Over the last few decades, fish farming has changed both the Norwegian coast and international food culture. The time feels right for a television drama about the operators in the industry, and it’s amazing that a global streaming service like Netflix has the guts to tell such a locally grounded story. We’re pleased to be back with Netflix again after ten years and we can’t wait to start filming."

A working title, "Salmon Island" is set to be directed by Marit Moum Aune. "Marit Moum Aune is one of Norway’s foremost directors, both for the stage and the small screen. We have collaborated with her on several stage shows, and we’re thrilled that she wants to make this series with us," Creators and writers Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin said.

The creative team credited with "Salmon Island" include Creators, Bjørnstad & Skodvin, Writers Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin Conceptua, director Marit Moum Aune, and Producer Gudny Hummelvoll. The Executive producer is Ivar Køhn.

"Salmon Island" shows two families in a small coastal community in Norway, who are sworn enemies in the global salmon industry. The series, which taps into the contemporary zeitgeist, delivers a funny as well as dramatic portrait of the fish farming business.