15 APR 2020


Endemol Shine Brasil, in association with Band TV and VIBRA, the digital company of the Bandeirantes Group, is developing special content for the brand's social networks during the period of social isolation.


Fans of the most famous gastronomy talent show in Brazil will have at their disposal a special content grid from MasterChef Brasil on the brand's official channels on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok.

“In this social isolation moment, entertainment has gained even more strength worldwide. It is almost an endorphin during this delicate moment that we are living. Endemol Shine Brasil's priority has always been to create and develop content that carries a positive message, generating a natural engagement with the public. We believe in the synergy of all points - television, digital, branded content and product licensing - offering a complete experience at a time when we all seek comfort and well-being in the environments we access,” explains Juliana Algañaraz, CEO da Endemol Shine Brasil.

"The Band increasingly strengthens the multichannel action, following the spectator's journey, whether he is a TV consumer, an Internet consumer, both at the same time, and whether he has the habit he has, whether he wants the language he wants. Masterchef's action integrates our profiles on the networks and the unshakable strength of open TV. It is a valuable movement at a time of increasing audience flow, when advertisers and the public are looking for quality, reliable content, something that is recognized as a Band brand," said Antonio Zimmerle, Diretor Nacional de Programaçāo da Band.

The new schedule content will feature LIVE on Youtube weekly with the former participants comment on the episodes that made history in previous seasons and interacting with the public, exclusive React videos from the older seasons, Watch Parties on Facebook, color palettes from dishes on Pinterest, as well as new challenges on TikTok and other content developed especially for each platform. Among the great news is the new season of Dicas MasterChef, which will be a special quarantine, where former participants from their homes will share tips on recipes and food storage so that social isolation is easier and will make lives reproducing their dishes in a way the audience to follow and I can reproduce MasterChef dishes throughout the quarantine

“MasterChef Brasil is one of our brands that bring content expertise, dialoguing with different age groups and audiences. The brand's presence on TikTok is an example of this. We created the account just three months ago and we are already the largest MasterChef channel in the world on the platform, with one of the videos going viral among users with over 1.1 million views,” reinforce Izabela Ianelli, Head Digital da Endemol Shine Brasil.

From the beginning of the quarantine in the State of São Paulo on March 24, 2020 until April 2, 2020, the brand's YouTube recorded over 11 million views (30% growth), in relation to the previous period and among the most sought after contents are Dayse Paparoto's Pão de Calabresa recipe, videos from MasterChef TBT, contents from MasterChef Júnior Brasil and the list of the 5 most surprising dishes from MasterChef Brasil. On the brand's Instagram, quarantine also increased the reach of the account (275%), increasing engagement by post on the talent show platform by 344%.