6 MAR 2024

Video games revenues reached $54 billion in the USA

A study by the online gaming platform Winz.io revealed the US is the country that generated the most revenue in video games, followed by China, Japan, South Korea, and the UK.

6 MAR 2024

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The United States is the country that plays video games the most, with over 54 billion USD earned in video game revenue, according to the latest research by Winz.io. The US has the second-highest percentage of Internet users who play video games, with 82.9% and 197M players nationwide.

China ranks second in the ranking of countries that play video games the most, with $44 billion in revenue. China also has the world's highest number of video game players, with 742 million, and the Chinese spend the most time playing, with 12.3 hours on average during the week. Japan holds the third place with $19.9 billion but significantly trails behind China, making twice as little in revenue. Japanese gamers spend over 7 hours each week on video games, but they amount to only 66.4% of all Internet users, which is the lowest rate among all the countries in this list. South Korea is fourth on the list, with USD 7.9 billion. More than 78% of Internet users in South Korea are interested in video games, accounting for 33 million players. South Korean video game enthusiasts play only 5.8 hours weekly on average, which is the lowest time score on this list.

The United Kingdom takes fifth place with $6.8 billion in earnings. The United Kingdom has more video game players than South Korea, but they account for 72.4% of Internet users, less than in South Korea. France follows closely in sixth place, only half a billion USD in revenue behind the UK. Video game players make up 80.8% of all Internet users in France, the most significant percentage out of all European countries in this list. Germany is the seventh with $4.2 billion in video games revenue, more than $2 billion behind France. The German population is heavily invested in video games, with 42 million players spending a little over 7 hours a week on video games.

Canada holds the eighth place in the ranking of the countries that play video games the most, with $3.4 billion. Canadian players spend an impressive 7.9 hours a week playing games on average, accounting for 79.5% of Internet users in the country. Italy takes the ninth place with $2.8 billion in video game revenue. Video games are generally popular among Italians. 34M players nationwide amount to 80.6% of all Internet users, only 0.2% less than in France. Brazil closes the ranking of countries that play video games the most with $2.6 billion. Following closely behind Italy in video game revenue, Brazilian and Italian gamers average play a little over 7 hours a week. Brazilian gamers make up 88.4% of all Internet users, the highest percentage of all countries in this list.

A spokesperson from Winz.io commented on the study: “Video game industry develops fast not only in Europe and the US but all across the world. Until recently, video games were seen as a ‘geek’ hobby but we see the statistics. In the US, Brazil, France over 80% of Internet users play video games and other countries are quickly catching up. There is so much variety in the genres and types of games that most people find a video game that they will like.”