17 AUG 2023

ViX to launch a new original film, "¿Quieres Ser Mi Hijo?"

The new romantic comedy film will become available on 21 September.

17 AUG 2023

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ViX announced today that its new original romantic comedy film "¿Quieres Ser Mi Hijo?" premieres exclusively on 21 September on the service's premium plan. Starring Ludwika Paleta and Juanpa Zurita, the Marvista Entertainment production is written and directed by Ithzi Hurtado. The cast also includes Yururia del Valle, Harold Azuara, and Hernán Mendoza.

"¿Quieres Ser Mi Hijo?" tells the story of Lu, a conformist woman in her forties who one day discovers her boyfriend, with whom she had been in a 15-year relationship, cheating on her. Stagnant, heartbroken, and without a job, Lu decides to return to her single apartment to start from scratch, only to discover that her new neighbor is Javier, a handsome 23-year-old womanizer who is always partying and won't let her rest. To get the job she has always wanted, Lu decides to lie at her job interview; she says she is a family woman and has a 19-year-old son.

As if that weren't enough, in the last test to be hired, Lu must spend a weekend with the company's executives and their families in Valle de Bravo. Desperate, Lu offers Javi a deal: he pretends to be her son, and in exchange, she allows him to party as much as he wants without calling the police. What neither of them knows is that, on that weekend, among so many lies, an unexpected romance will arise between them, which will make them question what they really want in life.