ATF 2023: Incredible Film secures the global rights to "WineMasters"

The Dutch sales agent to distribute the six season and will present the series to new buyers and partners in the Singapore market.

24 NOV 2023


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Dutch sales agent Incredible Film has secured global distribution rights to all 6 seasons of the internationally acclaimed 4K documentary series, "WineMasters" (27x45’), produced by Farmhouse TV & Film Productions. The title will join Incredible Film’s slate for ATF, where the distributor will present the series to new buyers and partners.

The cinematic documentary series centres around the taste, tradition & terroir of wine, transporting audiences to the infamous wine regions of France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain. Across 6 seasons, renowned wine critics including Tim Aktkin, Stuart Pigott and Anne Krebiehl explore the delicacies of the grape varieties, terroirs, wines, and wine producers of each location, giving unique insight to the passionate families behind the wines and their own personal stories.

"WineMasters" is created by Klaas de Jong ("Redbad the Lengend") and Series 5 and 6 will be completed in 2024. The docuseries joins Incredible Film’s growing portfolio of documentaries, which features "Life as Liesje", "Requiem for Auschwitz" and "Wild."

Daniëlle Raaphorst, CEO of Incredible Film says “'WineMasters' stands apart from the rest of our slate; it’s a unique look at the world’s most famous wine regions, inviting audiences to learn about the intricacies of the industry and the significant family traditions that produce some of the most highly acclaimed wines. We are thrilled to be expanding our library of documentaries and to share this series with potential partners and buyers at ATF. This will be our first time at the market, and we look forward to presenting our varied slate with new audiences.”