Cannes Film Festival 2024: Incredible Film launches content for "Cannes Remakes" event

The slate includes "Memory Lane" and "Bed & Breakfast", and comedy features "The Break-Up Club" and "Sisterhood".

21 MAY 2024

"The Break-Up Club"

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Incredible Film announces its slate for the Cannes Remakes programme at Marché du Film. The slate includes "Memory Lane" (original title "De Terugreis") and "Bed & Breakfast", as well as comedy features "The Break-Up Club" ("De Break-Up Club") and "Sisterhood" ("Z van Zus").

The news follows the success of the international remake of "The Gringos" ("De Tatta’s"), which is currently in development, sold by Incredible Film to Belga Studio’s. The sales agent will present the slate at the Cannes Remakes event for both remake and licensing opportunities. Daniëlle Raaphorst, CEO of Incredible Film says “It’s a hugely exciting time to be bringing our varied slate of international films to the market this year and in particular, to the Cannes Remakes programme. The success of our international films such as 'The Gringos' have further solidified our capabilities to identify remake opportunities and adapt these stories for global audiences. We are confident our content will appeal to global partners and we look forward to bringing these stories to new territories.”

"Sisterhood" (98’) starring Elise Schaap (Netflix’s "Undercover") and Bracha Van Doesburgh ("The Domino Effect"). As little girls, twin sisters Rianne and Juliette were inseparable, but now they couldn't be more different. Rianne takes care of their sick father, while Juliette leads an unfettered life of luxury in Amsterdam. When their father Cor dies, Rianne and Juliette are forced to go on a road trip together and unravel the complexities of their relationship. The film is produced by Tom de Mol Productions and will be released in Dutch cinemas in November.

"Memory Lane" (98’) follows Jaap and Maartje who have been together for 50 years. While Jaap has lost his zest for life, Maartje is still keen to embrace everything life has to offer. When the couple receives a letter from an old friend inviting them to visit, Maartje manages to convince her reluctant husband to go to Southern Europe. "Memory Lane" is a deeply moving story, exploring the challenges of coping with dementia, and the strength that love between soulmates brings. The feelgood film, produced by Hazazah Pictures, had its domestic release in the Netherlands earlier this year, with over 200,000 admissions so far.

"Bed & Breakfast" (82’) tells the story of workaholic Sarah, who finds herself leaving her job with no plan for what to do next. She lets herself be talked into looking after her aunt’s Bed & Breakfast, and her daily routine goes from working overtime and late night UberEats, to picking vegetables in the country village. And when she encounters two potential suitors, both the B&B and her heart are open to love. "Bed & Breakfast" is produced by Tom de Mol Productions.

The romcom "The Break-Up Club" (102’) tells the story of Dylan, an attractive, carefree guy, and the owner of The Break-Up Club, helping his clients break up with their partners. It’s business as usual for Dylan until he’s hired to dump control freak and journalist Zoë, who’s looking to break the news about The Break-Up Club. Produced by Tom de Mol Productions, the film will have its domestic launch on 12th September.

With international remakes an increasingly popular route in the global film market, Incredible Film is well positioned to present its high-quality slate of IP titles to global partners at this year’s Marché du Film.