20 JUL 2022

ATV's Turkish star Onur Seyit Yaran Visited Spain

Since Antena 3 started to air ATV's "For My Family" in prime time, the actor has been widely famous in the country. He attended a local TV show and had a photo shoot for a Spanish magazine.

20 JUL 2022

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Onur Seyit Yaran, ATV's "For My Family," leading talent, visited Spain. He has been widely famous there since the show premiered in that country. Atresmedia’s flagship TV channel, Antena 3, started to air "For My Family" in prime time. After the series was released in Spain, Yaran became very popular in the country, and Antena 3 invited the actor to a TV show where Cansu Dere was also a guest. Moreover, Yaran was part of a photo shooting for one of Spain's most important local magazines.

“For My Family” (Kardeslerim) has already been picked up by 42 countries, and due to its excellent local and international success, a new season is already confirmed by ATV. The show features a pretty unique story. By their lonesomeness with nearly no one to take care of them properly, the orphans still manage to be strong and stay together as the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. The plot will elevate over time, the rich will be poor, and vice versa, unexpected romantic relationships will arise, and faith in humanity will be restored.

“For My Family” has been on television on Saturdays since February 20, 2021. Although the viewers are prone to watch lighter drama series or formats on Saturday’s primetime slot, this show, presented by the producers of “The Ambassador’s Daughter,” managed to shake the rankings. It is a success with its views on screen, but each trailer of the upcoming episode gets an average of more than 4 million views on YouTube. Moreover, the eyes on social media have drastically headed toward the leading actors and actresses, and their personal accounts get more followers daily.