22 MAY 2024

Electric Entertainment's Dean Devlin to be honoured at Series Nostrum

The showrunner, writer, producer, film and television director will receive the International Series Nostrum Creator Award in the 4th edition of the Festival.

22 MAY 2024

Dean Devlin

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The showrunner, writer, producer, film and television director and Electric Entertainment co-founder Dean Devlin will receive the International Series Nostrum Creator Award, an award that was born in this 2024 edition to recognize the talent and vision of the great figures of television all around the world.

The award will be presented at the festival's closing gala, on Saturday, June 8, and will be the finishing touch to a visit that also includes the participation of Dean Devlin in a panel that will review his long and prolific career. Rachel Olschan-Wilson, partner and co-founder of the company Electric Entertainment with Dean Devlin, will accompany the North American star on his visit to Elche.

"Dean Devlin perfectly embodies the values we seek with this award. He is a great creator who writes, produces, directs and has even founded his own production company to continue serving us some of the most interesting fiction on the world stage," commented C.J. Navas, Head of Series Nostrum, Festival Internacional de Series.

“I am truly honoured to be the first recipient of the International Series Nostrum Creator Award and deeply touched that my films and TV series have found resonance here in Spain. This award also symbolizes the global reach of my work over the past 40 years, a fact that fills me with joy. I have always aspired for the TV shows and films I create to offer audiences an escape, both in moments of happiness and sorrow. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to provide an hour or more of entertainment to people in diverse regions, navigating various complex circumstances,” added Dean Devlin.

Dean Devlin has helped to build the legacy of entertainment and science fiction cinema in the last four decades, writing the script for the cult film "Universal Soldier", the first films in the United States from the German director Roland Emmerich, with whom in addition to co-writing he has also co-produced titles such as "Stargate", "Independence Day" and "Godzilla", all of them emblematic feature films in Emmerich's filmography.

In addition to participating as a producer in other feature films such as "The Patriot","Eight Legged Freaks","Flyboys" and "Independence Day: Resurgence", Dean Devlin made the leap to directing in 2017 with "Geostorm" and his second film, the feature film "Bad Samaritan".

In 2001, with Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson, Devlin founded Electric Entertainment, an independent studio with which he has since produced and distributed fiction, especially fantasy and sci-fi, from its headquarters in Los Angeles, which has recently been recognized as one of the 30 key companies in the independent distribution in the United States.

From there have emerged "Leverage” (in Spain it can be watched on Prime Video and Pluto TV), "The Librarians" (whose four seasons were broadcast by SyFy Spain), a continuation of the film saga of the same name and “The Outpost”, also broadcast by SyFy Spain.

Currently, he serves as showrunner, producer, director and/or screenwriter of "Leverage: Redemption", (Calle 13),"Almost Paradise" (Calle 13), "The Ark" (SyFy Spain) and "The Librarians: The Next Chapter", a new spinoff slated to debut on the CW this fall that is currently in production.