Mipcom 2022: Huge new releases from RTVE in Cannes

The Corporation's portfolio will be made up of fiction series, series targeted for the youngest, entertainment and great documentaries.

14 OCT 2022

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RTVE returns to Mipcom 2022 with the main releases of this new season: fiction series, series targeted for the youngest, the best entertainment and great documentaries. The corporation’s portfolio will presente prime time series “The Hunt. Guadiana”, “Peace Force” and “Drought”, daily series “Two Lifes”, Emmy finalist, as well as youth series "To Be or Not to Be” and “Yrreal”, and documentary series “The Last Frontier”and “Roots”.
RTVE catalogue also offers a wide portfolio of international line channels, which continues to gain subscribers around the world: TVE, 24 Horas; Star HD fiction cannel, and Clan, reaching millions of homes in 17 American countries, including the USA. Moreover, RTVE offers exclusive access to video-on-demand platform RTVE Play+, available throughout the American continent with more than 10 thousand hours of content on subscription.

“The Hunt. Guadiana” is the third season of the successful series that started with the internationally awarded “The Hunt. Monteperdido”. The main cast is headed by Megan Montaner, Alain Hernández, and Félix Gómez. The series is set in a small village
divided by the Guadiana River, where something dramatically alters its peaceful existence on a regular Sunday. ‘Peace Force’, starring Silvia Alonso, Martiño Rivas, Félix Gómez, Alain Hernández, and Alfonso Bassave, has been recently nominated for Best TV Fiction for the prestigious Prix Europa awards.

"Drought" is the first co-production between RTVE and RTP (Portuguese public television) that has reached almost 3 million views on RTVE Play. Starring Elena Rivera, Rodolfo Sancho, Miryam Gallego and Miguel Ángel Muñoz, its ingredients are love, ambition, treason, greed, and an unsolved crime.
Meanwhile “Two Lifes”, produced by RTVE and Mascaret Films in collaboration with Bambú Producciones, is one of the International Emmy nominees for Best Telenovela, being the only Spanish fiction among the 60 other nominees. It was created by Josep Cister, and stars Laura Ledesma and Amparo Piñero. It was awarded Best Daily Series at the 60th edition of the Rose D’Or Festival, one of the most prestigious competitions in the television industry and became the first Spanish series to win in this category. It also won an ALMA award for Best Script in Daily Series. Furthermore, the series has also reached 20 million views in RTVE Play.

RTVE’s wide catalogue also has a special place for series targeted at the youngest. “Yrreal” is an action-thriller starring Angy Fernández and Veki Velilla, and awarded both in Conecta Ficción and in Luchon International Festival, combining real-life image and 2D animation. “To Be or Not to Be”, finalist in Prix Italia awards, is a youth series in which Joel, a trans teenager, starts studying drama in a new high school.

RTVE, in this edition, presents the documentary series “The Last Frontier” and “Roots”. “The Last Frontier”, presented by physician and would-be astronaut Javier Santaolalla, takes us on a journey throughout four chapters to teach us about the great enigmas of the universe, as well as the requirements to fulfil the dream of becoming a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut and cross the final border (as in its title). “Roots” is a documentary series comprising a journey to chef Carlos Maldonado’s origins. A retrospective gaze to that young rebel who accompanied his father, a street vendor, and who would eventually become the third Spanish MasterChef winner, watched by four million astonished viewers. Who has also become the first MasterChef contestant in the world to ever win a Michelin Star with his own restaurant.