14 MAR 2022

MIPTV 2022: Nippon TV to bring three new formats to Cannes

It's the first time the titles, "Turbo Brain," "Tall Older," and "Dark Doubt" will become available to international buyers.


Nippon TV announced today that the company will head into MIPTV 2022 with three new formats, two of which are unscripted formats, "Dark Doubt" and "Turbo Brain,' with the new 10-part, scripted format "Tall Older."  The announcement was made by Mikiko Nishiyama, Managing Director, International Business Development, Nippon TV. 

All three of these formats just recently aired on Nippon TV to positive ratings and Nippon TV will be offering these titles at MIPTV 2022 for the first time to its buyers around the world. "Dark Doubt" first aired on Nippon TV in December 2021 to stellar ratings among young adults. Nippon TV’s suspense scripted format "Guilty Flag," which was launched last December, has just finished airing with big success in Japan this March. The unscripted format is an escape game show with a thrilling horror twist, where seven contestants attempt to break out through the pitch-black stages in order to clear missions within a time limit. "In terms of our new unscripted formats, 'Dark Doubt' turns its back on the traditional notion that game shows are just funny and lively. It illustrates how fear is a universal form of entertainment that fascinates people,"  Nishiyama said. "Using night-vision and fixed-point cameras in pitch-dark spaces, the resulting visual impact is quite amazing."

"Turbo Brain" series aired four episodes between November and December 2021 on Nippon TV to stellar ratings among children, teenagers, and 20-to-34-year age group, is the ultimate rapid-fire battle of the brains. Knowledge is usually power, but not in this show.  Contestants will have to put their brain into turbo mode and answer questions at a supersonic speed.  "'Turbo Brain' tests the human brain’s ability to make instantaneous decisions­—a function necessary to survive," Nishiyama said. "Viewers can immerse themselves in the show just like the contestants and take a shot at the quiz questions, whose difficulty levels are adjusted exquisitely so that they are tough to answer in a split second."

"Tall Older" is a dramedy series which follows an executive assistant to the CEO of a startup company growing at breakneck speed. Initially the boss bombards her day in and day out with tall orders he concocts on a whim. While barely ever having time to think carefully about her future, one day her boss asks her to be the CEO of a subsidiary. The title was originally broadcast weekly on Nippon TV from January to March 2022. “As for our scripted title, anyone who follows our protagonist in 'Tall Order' will want to rally behind her as she tackles the endless impossible demands from her boss in the stressful office environment in solving the myriad of business and personal troubles, and then suddenly becomes promoted as CEO against her will," Nishiyama said.

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