MIPTV 2024: Inter Medya closes new global content sales before the market

The Turkish company announced sales in Kazakhstan, Albania, Macedonia, the Middle East, North Africa, and India.

3 APR 2024

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Turkish company Inter Medya announced numerous sales announcements. Among the main deals, the company shared that it sold its series “Deception” to Kazakhstan, following its successful broadcast journey over the past two seasons, and the series “Poison Ivy” and “Bitter Lands” were sold in Albania.

Furthermore, the company secured licensing deals for “Tuzak” and “Destiny” in Macedonia, and finalized agreements for “Mrs. Fazilet And Her Daughters” in Slovakia. In the Middle East and North Africa, a deal was signed for “Last Summer”, while in Asia, Inter Medya sealed the deal for “Hayat” in India.

Inter Medya will announce more new sales in the coming days during MIPTV at stand R7.E53.