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Content 14 NOV 2023

Inter Medya teams up with MGE for a new co-production venture

14 NOV 2023
The Turkish production and distribution company confirmed a new co-production agreement with MGE in Chile.

Contenidos 14 NOV 2023

Inter Medya y MGE cierrran acuerdo de coproducción

14 NOV 2023
La productora y distribuidora turca Inter Medya anunció un nuevo acuerdo de coproducción con MGE, distribuidora que posee derechos de transmisión para Chile, y Mas Ros Media.

Content 9 NOV 2023

Inter Medya signs new deals in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras

9 NOV 2023
The titles involved in the deals include "Melissa" ("The Girl of the Green Valley"), "The Ambassador’s Daughter," and "The Light of Hope."

Events 7 NOV 2023

Mip Cancun 2023: Inter Medya to unveil a new slate of content

7 NOV 2023
A special screening of Inter Medya is scheduled for 15 November 2023, at 12:00 PM in Cancun Theatre.  The top titles that Inter Medya brings to Cancun are "Leylifer," "Deception," "Tuzak," "Hicran," "Another Chance," and "Melissa," among others.