MIPTV 2024: Nippon TV to present three untold scripted and unscripted titles

From the scripted side is new dramedy "Trespassers" and compassionate drama mystery "Alice in Wonderful Kitchen", while in the unscripted division is the format "Stars on the Shelf".

4 MAR 2024

"Stars on the Shelf"

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Nippon TV will head to this year’s MIPTV with new scripted formats "Trespassers" (90 min. x 1ep.), a thrilling new dramedy by the creators of the award-winning hit series "Rebooting" where three women break into a luxury apartment looking for the off-the-books cash their company’s CEO is rumored to be hiding, only to encounter a series of unexpected events, and "Alice in Wonderful Kitchen" (60 min. x 10eps.), a compassionate drama mystery about an extraordinary cook that is on the spectrum with a story that seeks to bring healing to those who have struggles in life.

In addition, Nippon TV will be bringing one unscripted format "Stars on the Shelf" (scalable format 60min.-120min. eps.), a cutting-edge business/observational reality format that taps into celebrities' creativity, showcasing their prowess to shine in the competitive business arena.

“We are pleased to be offering two new scripted formats at this year’s MIPTV. 'Trespassers' is a thrilling new dramedy from our award-winning creators of Rebooting that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats wanting to know more as the story takes an unexpected turn. It will also encourage viewers to wonder about the greatness that lies in a not-so-eventful life,” commented Sayako Aoki, Head of Scripted Formats. “'Alice in Wonderful Kitchen' is a story that weaves together the threads of compassion and mystery into a narrative that is sure to resonate with audiences. Through the lens of an extraordinary cook’s navigating life with autism, the series not only entertains but also endeavors to bring solace and understanding to those facing their own challenges.”

“As the original creator of Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank, we are delighted to introduce our prime-time hit 'Stars on the Shelf' to the international market,” commented Tom Miyauchi, Head of Unscripted Formats, Global Business, Nippon TV. “In today's dynamic market, buyers are increasingly drawn to unscripted formats that offer a fresh blend of creativity and competition. This format will certainly meet the growing demand, providing a platform for celebrities to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to flourish while captivating viewers with engaging content. We believe this series has the versatility and universal appeal that can easily be adapted and well received globally.”