USA, Germany, and UK have the largest European Movies and TV Shows offer

Central and Eastern Europe currently have +210 streaming services. Moreover, +76K unique titles were detected on these services, of which 59,885 titles correspond to movies and 16,284 titles to series.


NEM Dubrovnik targets TV channels, pay-TV and satellite providers, IPTV, production, distribution, technology companies, media and marketing agencies, and other specialists within the industry. It is happening until June 9th at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Croatia. With the Multiscreens+ | Content Pulse service, BB Media can currently monitor 45 countries in the European continent. At an international level, it was identified that original productions from Europe are available on +2400 streaming platforms.

When analyzing the libraries of each country, the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and France were determined as the ones with the most significant European content offer. NEM Dubrovnik is focused on Central and Eastern Europe. Referring to this region, it was possible to identify +210 streaming services at a regional level. Moreover, +76K unique titles were detected on these services, of which 59,885 titles correspond to movies and 16,284 titles to series.

When overviewing Croatia, 19 streaming services are covered in this country. These players offer Croatians +27K titles to watch, corresponding 81% of them to movies and the remaining 19% to series. The top 3 SVOD platforms with more titles in Croatia are Netflix, Erosnow, and Sun NXT, with the two latter sharing 251 titles between both libraries. "Spider-Man: No Way Home," "Heartstopper," "Breaking Bad," "Dune," and "Ozark" are the movies and series preferred by the Croatians. It is worth drawing attention that Netflix has three titles in the top 5 most popular movies and series.

Laura Ghisiglieri, Global Development & Marketing Director, is attending the event on behalf of BB Media. This global Data Science company has specialized in Media and Entertainment for more than 35 years. Ghisiglieri will present at the event one of the company’s latest releases, the Multiscreens+ service, which lays out an analysis of the content offered by streaming platforms. Particular emphasis will be placed on the report's prices, plans & bundles (which tackle prices, plans, offers, commercial alliances, devices, and their functionalities), and content pulse (monitoring of the content available on streaming platforms and its standardized metadata). Multiscreens+ has inspired enormous amounts of clients in the UK, India, USA, Spain, and even multiple Southeast Asian countries, with global data on content offerings on +2,500 platforms available in +160 countries. In addition, other services will be presented, such as Content Tracker (tracking of titles to determine trends in content production and distribution) and FlickShow (meta-registrar for movies, series, and tv shows).