15 FEB 2024

A deep look at the global journey of “The Snow Queen & The Princess”

Voronezh Animation Studio's animated series was a success in Turkey, and its international roll-out continued during the last year in multiple territories. Vladimir Nilolaev, General Producer of the company explains the international appeal of "The Snow Queen" franchise and its further releases.

15 FEB 2024

Vladimir Nilolaev

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"The Snow Queen" franchise by Voronezh Animation Studio was globally successful and has fans around the world starting in 2012 when the first movie of this universe was released. Four movies of the franchise were released in theaters in over 150 countries and were translated to more than 30 languages. "The global appeal of the movies is based on the stories’ strong values like family, friendship, compassion with a lot of magic and amazing animation quality and its targeting international audience," said Vladimir Nilolaev, General Producer of Voronezh Animation Studio to Señal News.

The studio presented the fifth installment of this unique picturesque world under the name “The Snow Queen & The Princess” in 2022 closing multiple international distribution deals with partners. The global theatrical premiere took place in Turkey in November 2022 on 250 screens by BG Films. "BG Film released the previous part of the franchise 'The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands', which became the 3rd most successful independent animation in recent years in Turkey after 'Maya the Bee' and 'The Little Prince'. It exceeded the admission and box office numbers of all previous Snow Queen titles, despite a declining market," mentioned Nilolaev.

Based on the results of the first weekend “The Snow Queen & The Princess” grounded on the forth place of the Turkish box-office chart. According to the results of the second and third weekend, the cartoon showed an increase in the number of screens. The box-office achieved $719,098 showing the best result of all the movies in “The Snow Queen” franchise. "The negative part of the cooperation with BG Film resulted in the fact that the distributor failed to fulfill its payment obligations and hasn’t paid most of the Minimum Guarantee according to the License agreement," he affirmed.

The release in Turkey was followed in the international theatres of South Korea, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Romania, United Arab Emirates and MENA region. The theatrical release of the movies about "The Snow Queen" is traditionally highly-anticipated in China. “'The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice” became the Russian highest-grossing animation movie in China earning $11.55 million. The release of the fifth movie “The Snow Queen & The Princess” is planned in April," anticipated Nilolaev.

Among the territories where the movie will be premiered during 2024 are Brazil, Israel, Indonesia and Vietnam. The international distribution of the movie is handled by Luminescence Kft. "The release in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania will be performed by Blitz at the end of year 2024," he concluded.