30 OCT 2023

Beatrız Cea Okan: "Coproduction is a highly advantageous business model"

The VP and Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Inter Medya, defines the company's strategy for international coproductions, where it aims to establish enduring strategic partnerships, nurturing relationships that can pave the way for future projects.


Beatriz Cea Okan


Turkey's Inter Medya has clearly established a strategy for global coproductions. With ongoing deals with Telemundo Global Studios and Caracol, the company is now searching for new projects that help diversify its content portfolio. Señal News spoke with Beatrız Cea Okan, VP and Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Inter Medya, to describe that strategy.

How would you describe Inter Medya's current strategy and goals regarding coproductions?
"Inter Medya is currently working not only on its distribution business but also on creating coproduction opportunities. For coproductions, our primary goal is to expand our global presence, collaborating with production companies from different countries to produce new content. We aim to participate in coproductions across various genres, including drama, romantic comedies, and daily dramas. Our focus is on establishing enduring strategic partnerships with key players in the industry, nurturing relationships that can pave the way for future coproduction ventures."

Why are coproductions crucial to Inter Medya's global expansion strategy?
"Coproduction has crucial importance to us. We are currently placing a significant effort in this field. We are proud to have signed the first deal with the United States and Latin America. The undeniable global success of Turkish productions cannot be overlooked. As a 32-year-old company specializing in the international distribution of Turkish dramas, we possess profound insights into the viewing habits of international audiences. We leverage this know-how to develop coproduction projects to their fullest advantage and have seen remarkable results. Coproduction, particularly regarding intellectual property rights, represents a highly advantageous business model. It helps us to diversify our content portfolio by partnering with global business partners. That diversity allows us to offer a broader array of content. Coproductions provide invaluable insights into the dynamics and trends of diverse markets. This knowledge is essential for tailoring content and distribution strategies to effectively meet specific regions' unique needs."

What must a project have to consider a coproduction deal?
"We are actively working on self-improvement in this area. For a coproduction, it's crucial that the story appeals to universal values and that the narratives center around love and family. Of course, the cast is equally important. Having actors recognized and beloved in the respective country provides an advantage in marketing both before and during the broadcast. Audiences in that specific region would be delighted to watch familiar faces. From a commercial standpoint, all parties involved should share the same creative vision and goals for the project. It's essential to define each party's contributions and responsibilities clearly. The specific requirements for a coproduction deal may vary depending on the nature of the project and the countries involved. Straightforward deals, shared vision, and effective collaboration are crucial to consider when entering a coproduction deal."

What are Inter Medya’s ideal partners for a coproduction?
"Anyone who shares our enthusiasm and motivation is our ideal partner. We hope to collaborate on coproductions with anyone who shares the same excitement and drive. We have already started working on this model in various other countries. We hope to share more details very soon.”

How do you describe the ongoing deals you developed with Telemundo and Caracol?
"The production process for the first two projects under our agreement with Telemundo Global Studios has been successfully completed. 'Hicran' and 'Blue Cage' have had their world premieres, and the feedback has been outstanding. We have started working on our third project and will share details soon. Furthermore, the production of our first project under the deal with Caracol in Colombia, 'Leylifer,' has also been completed. We will unveil the European series' premiere at Mipcom and the Latin American premiere at Mip Cancun."

By Diego Alfagemez

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