4 JUL 2024

Cécile Cau: “Budgets are not the same as before, and competition is very strong”

The Zodiak Kids & Family's SVP of Sales, Coproductions, and Acquisitions discussed the company's approach to the evolving industry and their upcoming productions.

4 JUL 2024

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In the changed audiovisual industry, companies have found themselves in the need to adapt to the new realities that surge constantly, with the appearance of new technologies, competitors, channels of distribution, among others. In these situations, some rely on their strongest IPs to boost licensing, as well as working in new projects alongside companies from other territories. During MIFA Annecy, Cécile Cau, SVP Sales, Coproductions and Acquisitions at Zodiak Kids & Family, spoke with Señal News about how the company is moving through the changing industry and what new productions they are working on.

The executive explained that, in the last year, she has observed several changes in the audiovisual market: “It’s quite difficult because budgets are not the same as before, and the competition is very strong as well. But we are lucky to have really premium series and six internal production companies in France, the UK, and Italy for animation, live-action, fiction, and kids. We produce premium series of incredible quality and also have very strong franchises and brands, like ‘Totally Spies!’” She added that the company is working closely with Latin America and Spain in new productions: “We have very strong relationships with Latin America. Also with Spain, because our production company, Monello, just completed a production with Televisión Española called ´Froggy.’”

The immediacy provided by web platforms and social networks has also led producers to adapt to these new realities, to which Cau said that the company uses them as a complimentary channel to their more traditional ones: “It’s true that our producers have adapted to this new need for very short programs.” For example, for the show “Shasha & Milo”, she added that YouTube has been working as a channel to boost the digital presence of the series: “We have some episodes that are short, between 2 and 3 minutes, specifically designed for digital exploitation, to accompany the series on linear channels.”

Looking ahead, Cau mentioned new upcoming productions, such as “Chimera's Keepers,” a French series by Monello in collaboration with France Television and RTBF. Es una producción de Monello en Francia; “Mini Heroes of the Forest,” a preschool series for France Television and Rai; the upcoming season of “Totally Spies!” which Cau described as the top priority in terms of licensing for the company; “Super Happy Magic Forest,” a comedy for kids aged 6 and up by Tiger Aspect Kids and Family; the second season “The Game Catchers,” which the executive said that its first season has performed well in Canada, Rai and the BBC.

By Fernando Calviño and Federico Martinez