25 APR 2024

Charlie Morton-Boyce: "We evolved from a third-party distributor to a production company"

The Sales & Operations Manager at 3DD Group reviews the 30 years of the company and the advantages of produce and distribute their own content.

25 APR 2024

Charlie Morton-Boyce

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London based 3DD Group is turning 30 this year and owns catalogue now numbers 1000 episodes, across History, War, Royalty, Music, Cinema, Opera, literature, True Crime, Mystery, Mythology, Film, Comedy and beyond. "When I started in 3DD, the company was a third-party distributor. We did a lot of concerts, we had a wide range of concerts, like Robbie Williams, U2, big massive names, and over the course of a few years, our CEO Dominic Saville decided that he actually wanted to be more involved in production, so we evolved from a third-party distributor to a production company, which then resulted in us being a 100% producer and distributor of all of our own content," reviewed Charlie Morton-Boyce ales & Operations Manager at 3DD Group. "We don't have any third-party content in our catalogue anymore. It was a very brave move, and it's paid off massively, and it's been great to work with a company that's evolved in that way as well," she added.

This year 3DD Productions launched the two-part documentary “D-Day The Soldiers’ Story” based on Giles Milton book. Channel 5 has acquired the title ahead of the 80th anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 2024. The programme was funded by 3DD along with C5 and international pre-sales with TF1 Histoire, SBS Australia, A&E Germany, Telequebec Canada, RTV Slovenia, and Viasat World.

The production and distribution company has got also the new series "Myths & Legends", which is the second season of original series, "Myths & Monsters", and a classical composer series that they're looking at doing as well hit true-crime series "Murder Maps", that's in 5 series now. "We're looking at doing a doc on Saddam Hussein because in 2026 will be the 20th anniversary of his death," Morton-Boyce anticipated. "We also are in production at the moment on a second series of classic movies, which will be a co-production with Sky Arts, as well as a second series of ‘Art of Film’, also with Sky Arts," she affirmed.

3DD Productions is an indie company, so to raise the capital, to create, it self-finance a lot. "We rely on people to pre-buy, that's the main issue for us, but we're very lucky that we're an indie, so we decide what we want to make," asserted Morton-Boyce. The executive admitted AI is a really positive tool. "It reduces our overheads, it reduces production costs, the thing is just how you use it effectively and creatively and cleverly, and we are hopefully going to start using it a bit more in our productions," she said.

The Managing Director at 3DD Zuly Baez is handling Latin America and "it's a really exciting market for us," expressed Morton-Boyce. 3DD has got quite a big catalogue of Spanish dub programming. "We worked out that actually you can't just go into LatAm, you have to have the dubbed programmes, that's helped us massively," she said. "Then obviously there's AI dubbing, which we haven't explored yet, but it seems to be actually the best one so far," she concluded.