27 JUN 2024

Dutch CORE: Breaking taboos and dealing with controversial subjects

Lorraine Joore, Sales Executive at the company, describes what buyers want in the CEE region and pointed out the main titles that can resonate in Eastern and Central Europe.

27 JUN 2024

Lorraine Joore

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In recent years, Dutch CORE has built strong collaborations with numerous Polish broadcasters and platforms, as well as buyers for the Czech Republic and the Baltics and they’re keen to get to know possible partners in other parts of the CEE region too. "As the international sales representative of the Dutch NPO and public broadcasters, our main clients in the territory are foremost the public broadcasters. However, we also sell to commercial broadcasters, streaming platforms, educational parties and inflight entertainment companies," commented Lorraine Joore, Sales Executive at Dutch CORE to Señal News.

The executive mentioned the current interest of their partners is quite diverse, "but the main part focuses on current affairs programs; stories that investigate, inform and reflect on the world we currently live in, from geopolitical situations to technological developments," she described. On the other hand, she recognized that there’s also room for more cinematic documentaries within the genre of human interest. “We have sold some beautiful documentaries on intriguing life stories to the region, such as ‘Mrs. Faber’, ‘Deaf Child’ and ‘Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story’. Other genres of interest are true crime stories and forward-looking kids programs,she added.

Dutch CORE biweekly strand "Backlight" is such a series that focuses on remarkable shifts in society, (geo)politics, economy, technology or culture, and their long-term consequences, and it has already built a name within the region. "We currently have a new Backlight on ‘The Cost of AI’, which has already been sold to twenty-two countries," Joore asserted. Another very strong current affairs program is "HIDDEN" (4x50’), a geopolitical detective series that takes the audience to the shadowy and frightening world of hybrid warfare. When it comes to human interest, Dutch CORE has a new series called "The Butlers" (4x30’). At the International Butler Academy in a Dutch village, students of all ages from all over the world are taught the intricacies of the butler's profession in ten weeks.

"The many programs, films and series we offer that dive into topics that are currently topical in both our regions. From reflecting on a shared past to the societal issues of today. And besides that, the universal stories that transcend current events" affirmed the Sales Executive at Dutch CORE. According Joore, what makes Dutch and Flemish productions stand out is that they don’t shy away from breaking with taboos, and dealing with sensitive controversial subjects. "The tendency of Dutch being straightforward and direct can also be seen in their way of filmmaking. The strength lies in its approach, which can be critical, yet always respectful and grounded. Dutch film makers are known for their thorough research and high quality standards," she expressed.

Dutch CORE is currently building towards a strong line-up with a high diversity of programs to launch during the fall of this year for markets and festivals such as MIPCOM, DICM, ATF, IDFA, Berlinale and NATPE. "We are proud of the films and series we represent and we’d love for these stories to travel around the world. Therefore, we are focusing on regions where we see opportunities to broaden our network, such as the CEE Region," asserted Joore. "Over the past few years, we’ve seen a substantial growth of interest in our programs, so we’re excited to explore this further and get in touch with buyers there," she concluded.