Series Mania 2024: Dutch CORE to premiere "Laura H. – The Caliphate Girl"

The drama series, produced by Tomtit Film and Mockingbird Productions, is adapted from Thomas Rueb’s best-selling investigative novel.

11 MAR 2024

"Laura H. – The Caliphate Girl"

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International sales company, Dutch CORE will premiere the gripping adaption of investigative journalist’s Thomas Reub’s book "Laura H. – The Caliphate Girl" (6x50’) at an exclusive screening with director Kadir Ferati Balci at Series Mania 2024.

"Laura H. – The Caliphate Girl" is the story of a young woman and her two children, who are found in the desert between Syria and Turkey. As the story unfolds, viewers discover the woman is Laura H., a seemingly ordinary girl from the Netherlands, one of the European countries where ISIS recruited converts. Whilst Laura claims to have been kidnapped and taken into the heart of the “ISIS” Caliphate by her husband Ibrahim, when she steps onto Dutch soil seeking refuge she is met with suspicion rather than compassion. Accused of harbouring terrorist motives, she is immediately arrested and eventually given a two year sentence, throwing her into a labyrinth of doubt and intrigue. Even her determined father Eric, who moved heaven and earth to bring her home, begins to question the authenticity of her story.

"Laura H. – The Caliphate Girl" delves into the shadowy depths of Laura’s past, unravelling a complex web of secrets and deception. Based on a true story, the series examines the undercurrents of redemption, displacement, and isolation in Laura’s story.

Rueb’s work earned the Brusseprijs prize in 2019 and has since been adapted into a podcast and a play. Dutch CORE will now present the series to international buyers at the market next month. The series was originally produced by Tomtit Film (Netherlands) and Mockingbird Productions (Belgium) for broadcasters HUMAN (Netherlands), VPRO (Netherlands), and VRT (Belgium).

Margaret Stanneveld, Manager Sales at Dutch CORE says “This profound story grapples with the complexities of acceptance, trust and displacement, told through Laura H.’s unique and compelling experience. We know there’s a space for this series in the global market, which explores the universal themes of family relations, trauma and religious conflict. We look forward to sharing it for the first time with international buyers at Series Mania on the 19th at 10:45am in the Grand Palais.”