23 JAN 2023

Ekin Koyuncu: “We create content that you cannot find anywhere else”

The Global Distribution & Partnership Director at OGM Pictures explains what OGM Universe's differential is and analyzes the strategy of this brand new global distribution arm for both Turkish and international projects.

23 JAN 2023

Ekin Koyuncu

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In October of last year, OGM Pictures, one of the leading production companies of Turkey for both linear and non-linear content, announced the launch of its global distribution arm for both Turkish and international projects. This venture is now headed by Ekin Koyuncu, former Executive Director of Kanal D International, who serves as Global Distribution & Partnership Director at OGM. In dialogue with Señal News, the executive explains what OGM Universe's differential is and analyzes its strategy.

▸ What is the strategy behind the global launch of OGM Universe?

“OGM Pictures was founded in 2019 by Onur Güvenatam, who has been involved in the Turkish TV series and film industry for many years and produced many successful TV series that left their mark on both the local and international media industry. Within this short time period, the company created an outstanding track record, on both linear and non-linear, offering unpredictable but familiar content by going far beyond than the usual character patterns and story flow in all productions. With the growth of OGM Pictures productions, the company decided to conduct the global operations in-house and launched OGM Universe, a new venture that will not only be focusing on the global distribution of local and international content but will also give weight to new business lines in production with partners around the globe.”

▸ How would the company answer to the latest trends and programming needs for Turkish content?

“OGM Pictures does not set limits on dreams and is always after tapping into people’s feelings in a different way, telling the stories in a more intimate way, a newer way. Many OGM productions belongs to Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, who with the great success of ‘My Home, My Destiny,’ ‘Chrysalis,’ ‘Red Room,’ ‘The Innocents,’ ‘Golden Boy,’ and ‘Stickman,’ became an international household name. When her name is included next to Onur Güvenatam, we all know to expect the unexpected, which is a very intriguing sales point.”

▸ How would you define the distribution strategy of the company?

“When you look at OGM Pictures’s productions, the first thing you realize is the quality. The art of storytelling, the importance of casting, and the over-the-top look in all productions lead to complex but exciting diverse range of stories. We create content that you cannot find anywhere else. Thus provides OGM Pictures an established brand value and a distinguished identity. OGM Universe’s aim is to position this production identity in the global market. Clients and partners around the globe will be able to taste that difference in the kind of stories we distribute. In 2023, the aim of OGM Universe is to introduce these unique stories to as many countries as possible and become a strong player in the global market.”

▸ What would be the value of Latin America for OGM's global distribution business?

“Latin America is still the leading market for Turkish distributors. While our primary focus is still linear, we see many exciting developments on the non-linear side. I find it very important to have presence in different mediums to reach wider audiences. The context and the quality of Turkish content is changing, it is evolving. This is creating an opportunity to show the strength of Turkish content to different age/gender groups while ensuring the persistent success.”

▸ What will be the launches and main shows for Content Americas?

“Our main focus will be ‘Stickman’ and ‘Broken Destiny.’ Starring Engin Altan Düzyatan, Elçin Sangu and Sedef Avcı, ‘Stickman’ is a real-life story to TV adaptation based on works by Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu. Here we watch the secretive yet beautiful love story of Tamer and Peri, who will pass through the most difficult challenges to turn an obsessive love into an unbreakable emotional bond. Meanwhile, our premium daily drama ‘Broken Destiny,’ that we co-produced with Stellar Yapım, made its debut on October 31. The series focuses on the heartwarming and at the same time heartbreaking love story of Fidan and Toprak, a young couple separated from each other by a horrific accident.”

By Diego Alfagemez & Federico Marzullo