12 APR 2024

Elif Tatoğlu: “I aim to enhance Kanal D's visibility and reputation”

Kanal D International’s new Distribution Strategy Director describes the goals and challenges of her position while describing the expansion potential for Turkish drama.

12 APR 2024

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Last month, Kanal D International confirmed Elif Tatoğlu as its new Distribution Strategy Director. With expertise in acquisitions, marketing, and content distribution in pay-TV and OTT, Tatoğlu talked exclusively with Señal News and described her strategy to navigate the ever-evolving content distribution landscape.

What will be the main goals and challenges of your new role at Kanal D International?
"The main goal of my new role at Kanal D International is to expand the reach and impact of our Turkish TV series globally. This involves increasing market penetration in existing territories and exploring new markets. Additionally, I aim to enhance Kanal D International's visibility and reputation as a leading distributor of premium Turkish content."

What will your strategy be to elevate Kanal D's brand and global catalog?
"To elevate Kanal D's brand and catalog globally, my strategy will involve a multi-pronged approach. Firstly, I will focus on strengthening partnerships with existing platforms and broadcasters while actively seeking new distribution channels. Secondly, I will prioritize marketing efforts to highlight Turkish dramas' unique appeal and quality, positioning Kanal D as a go-to source for premium content. Lastly, I will invest in data-driven analytics to better understand audience preferences and tailor our content strategy accordingly."

How would you define the current landscape of the content distribution industry?
"The global content industry is undergoing rapid transformation driven by technological improvements, changing consumer behavior, and the proliferation of streaming platforms. There's a growing demand for diverse and high-quality content from audiences worldwide, creating opportunities for content creators and distributors to tap into new markets."

What is the expansion potential of Turkish drama as the first non-English global content exporter?
"Turkish drama has immense expansion potential as the first non-English global content exporter. Turkish dramas have already proven their popularity and viability in various markets, captivating audiences with their compelling storytelling, high production values, and universal themes. With the right distribution strategy and marketing efforts, Turkish dramas can continue gaining traction in traditional and emerging markets, appealing to a diverse range of viewers."

How would you define the global potential of "Secret of Pearls," the drama dominating Thursday nights in Turkey?
"'Secret of Pearls' dominates Thursday nights in Turkey and holds significant global potential. Its success in Turkey is a testament to its broad appeal and engaging storyline. With Yılmaz Erdoğan as the writer, the drama holds even greater potential for global success. Erdoğan's esteemed reputation as a highly accomplished Turkish playwright, actor, screenwriter, poet, and film director adds significant value to the series. 'Secret of Pearls' is not just a television drama but a heartfelt exploration of the enduring values of love, affection, devotion, loyalty, family, and trust. It promises to captivate audiences worldwide with its emotional depth and authenticity. Leveraging this success, we can strategically position 'Secret of Pearls' in international markets, capitalizing on its strong viewership and positive reception to attract global audiences. We can maximize its exposure and viewership potential worldwide through targeted marketing campaigns and strategic distribution partnerships."

By Diego Alfagemez