11 MAY 2020


Both companies want to immortalize their respective capitals, Paris and Madrid under lockdown, with the objective of making these images available to different institutions freely.

11 MAY 2020

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In the midst of the current epidemic crisis, Lagardère Studios in France and its subsidiary Company, Boomerang TV in Spain want to immortalize their respective capitals "Paris and Madrid under lockdown" and therefore are keeping a film record of this unprecedented event all of us are going through.

In France, on the initiative of Atlantique Productions, this project has become possible thanks to the Paris Police Headquarters, the Paris City hall and TSF group’s support. For two days, a team crossed the streets of Paris using a camera tracking vehicle. They documented a city emptied of its confined inhabitants, without any cars or motor scooters or bikes.  These rare and striking pictures will form an image bank to which government and cultural institutions will have free access.

In Spain, a Boomerang TV team obtained an authorization from the Madrid City Council and shot artistic images of the empty streets and most emblematic places in the city, totally deserted. LSD will be handling the worldwide distribution of these images.

In addition, Lagardère Studios Distribution will be in charge of any other commercial exploitation with
producers, broadcasters or any potential companies interested in this content for commercial exploitation all
over the world. All content, organized by locations, will be available on https://www.lagardere-studiosdistribution.com

All revenues coming from the French content exploitation will be donated in favor of L’Assistance publique – Hôpitaux
de Paris (AP HP), and in Spain the profits would go to charities linked with health services dedicated to investigate
COVID vaccines or charities involved in the fight against the Covid-19.

Through this initiative, Lagardère Studios and Boomerang TV wish to make its contribution to the legacy of the current period thanks to their savoir-faire.