27 JAN 2023

What will be the global VOD trends at When East Meets West 2023?

BB Media's "Who is the Messi of Contents - a comparison between continents" analyzed all co-production and distribution opportunities in Eastern and Western regions.

27 JAN 2023

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BB Media's European Business Development Manager, Vicky Campolongo, hosted her presentation, "Who is the Messi of Contents - a comparison between continents," on 22 January during the "When East Meets West 23" event in Trieste, Italy. The event covered all co-production and distribution opportunities in both the Eastern and Western regions.

The presentation served as one of the Inspirational Labs of the event called ‘The On-Demand Ecosystem - VoD Inspirational Lab’, disclosing detailed information on the streaming market supply and demand in Europe and Latin America. It shed light on the content offered in 53 countries. Both regions collectively have 1,487 streaming platforms in Europe and 1,290 in
LATAM, and availability of 677K and 280K titles, respectively. The United Kingdom and Brazil take the ranking of the country with the most content in each continent, with the UK also standing out as the only country where users prefer series over movies.

The most remembered streaming series of the first half of 2022 was said to be "Stranger Things" by both European and Latin-American users. The genre most shared among these same contents showed Action, Drama, and Crime as the Top 3. The penetration levels of account sharing were also strikingly similar, with 29% in Europe and 30% in Latin America. Other topics discussed during the session include global scripted productions, digital campaigning for films, the importance of the East and the West in the industry, and the video-on-demand ecosystem, among others.

In conclusion, both regions presented similar consumption patterns. Users tend to have similar preferences, and streaming platforms provide a resembling supply. For example, most titles in Europe are under an SVOD model (48%), followed by AVOD/Free VOD and TVOD (both 21%), while in LATAM’s case, SVOD also rules as the most offered business model (54%) and AVOD/Free VOD and TVOD once again share the second place (both 23%). The same can be said about the offered genres, as shown below, with the TOP 6 ranking bearing quite a resemblance.